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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Something old in something new

This past January has been an exciting month for these three girls.
From left, Chatty Cathy, Kissy, and Kathy Baby

All three are currently wearing their original outfits (parts of the outfit in Kathy Baby's case), but that has come to a temporary end.  My mother resigned from her teaching job and has been in a celebratory mood, so I guess that's why she decided to treat me to some things.  Chatty Cathy and Kissy each got something nice from Etsy, while Kathy Baby helped herself to an ownerless dress that I had lying around.
If my memory is correct, Kissy's dress came from a seller named Texical Gals Vintiques.  The proprietors sell vintage dolls and clothes, plus other vintage items.  The dress they had was the only one I could find for Kissy, and Mama liked it just as much as I did so she bought it.  Cathy's new dress came from Bitty Blue Boutique, and I think it may be homemade.  I'm not sure on that but if so it's very well constructed.  Currently Bitty Blue's wares are sized for Bitty Baby and for American Girl, so if you've got one of them this place is a good place to go.  The shoes are original Chatty Cathy shoes that came from yet another seller whose name I can't remember.  As for Kathy Baby, her outfit is untagged and was purchased in a small bag with another doll dress so I can't thank whoever made it.  But I still owe a debt of gratitude to multiple parties.  Texical Gals Vintiques and Bitty Blue Boutique both have great service and I'm happy with the products I got.  And I'm grateful to my mother, who has completely spoiled me with some cute stuff.  Thank you all.

Now, I'm going to shop for some dolly underpants.  LOL, these three girls have them, but a lot of mine don't.  I've found a person who makes and sells dolly dainties and when I get the stuff I'll tell you what the service was like. 



  1. Some really sweet dolly finds your mom got for you! They all look great in their new dresses. I also stopped by your cat blog. Your have some real sweeties their. We also have a male cat named Mittens that we got from the animal shelter in 2005. He used to go outside all of time, but on one of his excursions, he got in a fight with a feral cat and caught feline aids. We now keep him indoors all of the time (although we take him out sometimes on our deck) because of his disease. We have another little rescue kitty that we got in 2007 and she is a gray tabby with subtle orange mixed throughout. She was from a litter of kittens that someone left in a box at the door to our church and we ended up bringing her home too! We also have a rescue dog. When we lived at our old house, where we had more property, I used to volunteer with a stray rescue league. I have fostered over 30 dogs throughout the years! A couple that we kept and others that we found new homes for, so I can identify with living with lots of pets!

    1. Lordy, we've got a ton! One of our boy cats is named Mittens too; he was a feral and we had to work hard to get him to trust us. Now we're working on one of his housemates who's an even bigger grouch! LOL

  2. Love th wardrobe change. I use to find underwear for them at build A bear :-0 or use newborn ones

    1. Build-A-Bear britches are a splendid idea! I never would've thought of it. The undies I got from idressdolls.com are great, but they're mostly for smaller sizes. Next time we're close to a Build-A-Bear I'll look into that. Thanks for the tip!