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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Clothing options for Moxie Teenz

This is not original material of mine, but rather a shoutout (and show of gratitude) to one of my fellow bloggers.  Muff, author of the blog "Hey, it's Muff," found some Little Miss Matched clothes at Target and tried them on her Moxie Teenz to see if they'd fit.  Guess what?  THEY DID!!!!!!!!!!!!  The fit was a little off in places, but for the most part the pieces worked.  All except the shoes, that is; they're too big.  Muff's post can be found here, and just for the heck of it, a review of a Little Miss Matched doll can be found here.

Thanks for the tip, Muff!  Now I have some ideas of what to dress my Tristen in.  Believe me, she's getting sick to death of that pink nightie!
"Get it off me.  Please get it off."

Happy Flag Day to y'all, and I'll get Cami's review finished...one of these days.  Y'all thought I forgot, didn't ya!  Nope, I didn't forget.  The past couple of months have been a bit insane, with multiple life events and changes going on.  I'll get to it though, I promise!

Hugs and kisses,