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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

On Pinkie Cooper and the Equestria Girls

The weather continues to be...well, less than perfect here.  The sun was out today and will be out tomorrow, but this weekend it's supposed to ice over.  Since I've already got cabin fever I dragged out some of my dolls and began playing Dolly Dress Shuffle with my girls.  You may or may not remember that my Equestria Girl can wear Lalaloopsy Girl clothing, but not the other way around.  Since Twilight Sparkle has a skinny little frame I wondered if she could wear Pinkie Cooper clothing.  Not one to sit idle, I grabbed Twilight and Pepper Parson out of the dolly bin and tried it out.  The results came out pretty good.  Here's what Pepper looks like in Twilight's clothes:
The top doesn't close all the way in back...
...and the skirt was difficult to get around Pepper's chunky little thighs, but overall this works pretty well. 

Pepper's dress fits Twilight like it was made for her.
The colors of this dress don't flatter Twilight as well as they do Pepper, but other than that the dress looks great.  The only problem with this swap is shoes.  Twilight has rather sizable feet, and Pepper has small feet.
Pepper could actually wear Twilight's shoes pretty well if her feet (paws?) weren't so small.  Her calves are thick enough that these shoes can stay on without falling off, though they still slide around a lot.  Regardless of the fit, they look very cute on Pepper, and they finish the look.
Note that the slope of her foot is perfect for those huge platform heels.  I think that if Pepper had larger feet the fit would be near perfect.
There's no way that Twilight can shove her big feet (hooves?) into Pepper's dinky little shoes.
In all honesty the only problem that I have with this is the fact that these dresses don't really look complete without shoes.  In Pepper's case the problem can be remedied with another fashion pack.  There were three separate fashions available for Pepper and her canine compadres, and one of them happens to have purple shoes:
This fashion was meant for Pepper's buddy Ginger Jones, but all three characters can share fashions so no biggie.  Those shoes would match Twilight's default outfit without much fuss.  Doesn't solve Twilight's shoe problem, though.  Maybe some ball-jointed doll shoes will fit?  Might be worth a looksie.

It's amazing what you'll learn when you shed your adult fa├žade for five minutes.  No, I didn't learn anything super-duper-important, but at least Pepper and Twilight have some more clothing options.  Small wonder that I never get any reviews done anymore, though.  I'm always too busy tinkering around with clothes on my older dolls!  LOL
Happy Ash Wednesday,

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