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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dolly Dress Discussion: clothing options for Ever After High dolls, part two...plus a brief gripe

Bad news first.  We got up this morning and discovered that one of our pipes has gone blooey.  The utility room, though mercifully detached from the main house, is flooded.  We had to have all the water in the house turned off, and that utility room is a hot mess right now.  It could've been way, WAY worse, but we're still reeling from the shock of it.  The good news is that the stuff that got wet is likely salvageable, and we'll get to see my sister and brother-in-law because of it.  Brother-in-Law wants to be a plumber, and odds are he can get the busted section of pipe fixed, so they're going to come down and look at it.  The roads are thawing out already, so they shouldn't have any problems.  Key word:  SHOULDN'T.

Anywho, that's been our day in a nutshell, and it's just past two p.m.  To get over the shock of our latest incident I dragged out Cupid and the Monster High clothes.  Let me just say that it didn't work out so well.  The only, repeat, ONLY clothes that would fit Cupid were first-wave Spectra Vondergeist's stock skirt and the CAM top that came with the mermaid add-on pack.
Spectra's skirt has a very generous elastic waist, and this top is loosely cut.  As such both pieces make great separates; note that I paired the CAM top with Cameron's jeans (again).  But in general I'd stay away from standard Monster High clothes.  AJ and Miss Emily both noted that Ever After High dolls can wear some of the clothes intended for the smaller-bodied MH dolls (Howleen Wolf, Twyla, Lorna McNessie, and River Styxx).  That's a pretty good selection NOW, but when the EVH dolls were initially released the only options were first-wave Howleen and first-wave Twyla.  Plus, one has to buy the dolls in order to get the clothes!  Talk about a missed opportunity!  With Ever After High being a spin-off of Monster High you'd think there'd be more opportunities for sharing clothes.  Not so, unfortunately. 

Oh, I forgot those shoes.  Cupid is wearing Monster High shoes.
Those belong to a fashion pack intended for Draculaura, and since Cupid and Draculaura both love pink this works out quite well!  The heels are even heart-shaped!

So long story short, only the occasional Monster High piece will fit Ever After High dolls, but shoes can be shared between the two.  Since I plan on adding both River Styxx and Haunted Twyla to my collection, Cupid might have a few more clothing options in her future.  As a final thought, I know absolutely NOTHING about clothes for the bigger MH girls (Nefera de Nile and Marisol Coxi) or the boys.  Since they've got thicker hips and shoulders their clothes might fit Cupid.  Definitely something to examine.

Happy Saturday,

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