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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Playing Dolly Doctor: Sindy, Tammy, and Teresa

RagingMoon1987 here, and I've been junk shopping...again.  Ever since Johnny arrived I've had ball-jointed doll fever and I've played with him constantly, but today my attention shifts back to the play world.  There's an awesome flea market just outside Dexter, Missouri that I've never been to, and since today is nice Mama and I decided to go check it out.  The flea market has a lot of stuff, and one of the things I found, tucked away in a back corner, was a large wicker basket of Barbie dolls.  I dug through the contents to see if I could find any treasures, and needless to say I found some things.  My six new dolls are all fixer-uppers, being naked, deliciously dirty, and reeking of cigarettes.  This post focuses on the first three:  Marx Sindy, Ideal Tammy, and an All-American Teresa from Mattel.
I'm thrilled to have a Sindy in my collection.  The asking prices for the Tonner repros were a little on the outrageous side, so I never got one of those.  I was expecting to have to dig around on eBay or Etsy for a decent Sindy, but lo and behold God dropped one in my lap.

Anywho, these three are headed for THE PLASTIC BAG OF DOOM.  Teresa will also need a haircut to even out her unprofessional hair chop.
Here's the end result.
This trio had a few surprises.  I wasn't expecting Sandy to have jointed ankles, and I wasn't expecting Tammy's hair to turn out as well as it did.  She was the holdup in posting this review  because her hair was a tangled mat.  I left her in THE PLASTIC BAG OF DOOM for a week before attempting to tame that mess.  As you can see, Tammy's hair looks great now.  I wish y'all could be here to smell her, because Tammy and her two cronies smell divine now.  No more eau de cigarette for these three!

I was also surprised and pleased to learn that Sindy and Tammy can wear Barbie clothes.  Teresa was no surprise since she IS a Barbie, but the other two are not so it was wonderful to discover that I had some things on hand instead of having to knit or buy new things.  If anyone can identify the ensemble that Sindy is wearing I'd appreciate it.  Tammy's garb came from a pack of separates that Mattel was once so good about making, and Teresa is clad in one of my favorite Fashion Avenue outfits, 52824 Tokyo Beat.  Oh, if only I'd known that Fashion Avenue wouldn't live forever!  I'd have tried harder to get more of those outfits,  because they were beautiful and of high quality. 

Keep your eyes peeled later this week for another installation of Playing Dolly Doctor, where I clean up the second half of my dolly haul.

Yours always,