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Friday, February 20, 2015

Against all odds...

Today has been cold, windy, icy, gray, and generally disagreeable.  The roads aren't fully iced over yet, but they're slick enough to render driving hazardous.  Imagine, therefore, my surprise when one of the packages I ordered turned up in the mailbox.  On Valentine's Day I ordered a slip for Mama's old Barbie and some socks for Penny Brite from idressdolls.com, and today these made an appearance.  As with Wendy, Barbie's dress looks a lot different with that petticoat underneath.
Without (left) and with (right)
This petticoat is so thick and full that I thought two had been shipped by mistake!

Penny Brite's new socks are simple little white ankle socks with lace trim.
Additionally, I found a small red straw hat while digging my Skipper dolls out of the box yesterday.  Since Penny is over fifty and wearing a purple dress, I thought I'd initiate her into the Red Hat Society.
She doesn't look a day over seven!  LOL, the hat came from the nursing home where my grandmother stayed before she died; it originally had a pin backing attached to it and was meant to be worn as such.  I peeled the pin off and reclaimed it as a doll hat.  Here's what the top looks like.
Once Penny's red shoes get here she'll be complete!  I have no idea when those will get here, though; they were supposed to ship today and haven't.  And they have to come from Edgewater, Florida, 931 miles away.  AND the roads between here and there are quickly becoming icy.  So bottom line, it may be awhile before I see those shoes.  There's no word on the coat Mama ordered either.  Heck, it may be warm before we see either item!  Oh well, if so then I can put the coat back for next winter.  Oh Lordy...I don't even want to THINK about next winter!  I'm so ready for Easter and flowers and butterflies!  Heck, I'm even looking forward to tornado season, albeit with the usual apprehension.
This may not be the only post tonight, by the way.  One of my Facebook friends gave me some good ideas for Ever After High clothes.

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