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Monday, February 23, 2015

Dolly Dress Discussion: return of the B.F.C. Ink outfit

This is hearkening back to my ownerless B.F.C. Ink outfit, which I've had in storage for...oh gosh, I've forgotten exactly how long, but it's been awhile.  I finally found someone who can wear it, albeit imperfectly...and she's been under my nose this whole time!
Mosi, from the Hearts 4 Hearts line, can wear the top and shorts.  The shorts are loose enough that I can pull them off without undoing the Velcro, and the top gaps at the neckline, but it's still a workable outfit.  With a little tweaking it can be made to fit perfectly.  And frankly, I'm tired of looking for a B.F.C. Ink doll.  The search has been completely fruitless, and I've grown weary of it.  I'm also tired of futilely hunting for clothes that fit Mosi, so this outfit now belongs to her.  Next on the agenda is to make a strand of love beads; you may recall that I was curious to see how this getup would look with some beaded jewelry.  Since Mosi's earrings come apart I may also make some new dangles for those posts.  She can be my little flower child!

It's a good thing that this B.F.C. Ink outfit can fit Mosi, because according to Beastsbelle the Hearts 4 Hearts dolls have been discontinued.  She apparently heard this from Ashley, the Doll Collector's Daughter, though I couldn't find where Ashley said this.  Ashley does have plenty of news from the recent toy fair, so I'm going to cautiously believe her.  Beastsbelle adds that the dolls had already become scarce in stores; I haven't been to Target in forever so I wouldn't know.  I do remember that the last time I saw H4H dolls in Target they had about six of Laurice, the character I initially wanted.  I wish I'd grabbed her, but I needed another H4H doll like I needed a hole in the head, so I didn't get her.  Oh well, I'll have fun with my Mosi instead.

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  1. I have yet to fall for the H4H ladies. I mean I keep putting them in my cart but then I put them back. It's the size and finding them clothes. I saw some of the newer ladies and I may add one or 2 if they're being discontinued :O)

    1. If you see Lauryce, grab her. She's the hardest one to find, which would explain why I never saw one until after I'd already bought Mosi. LOL