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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Separates, Shopkins, and some unfortunate news

More Barbie seps!  Remember during my last post about these separates that I mentioned a pair of blue jeans?  Yeah...they fell out of the cart while I was traipsing around Wal-Mart, and I was too lazy to retrace my steps so I just bought the yellow dress and let that be that.  Second time proved to be the charm.  I found the last pair of blue jeans that Wally World had, plus this top.
The top is a combination of basic camisole and peplum top.  Unlike the dress, it's printed all the way around with a garish combination of purple, pink, and yellow flowers on a navy blue background.  The jeans are slim-cut jeans with a somewhat distressed look.  They're not super-special, but jeans are usually hard to come by in Barbie's size so these are a welcome addition to my dolly wardrobe.  Given the fact that this is the second pair of Barbie jeans I've seen from Mattel this year, maybe it could mean a revival of the style!  Sherralee (right) got the first pair, by the way.  Those came from one of those two-outfit packs that I think highly of.
As an aside, notice that Sherralee is carrying a Shopkins basket.  Shopkins make fabulous little props for dolls Barbie's size.  See?
What are Shopkins, you ask?  If you want to learn more about Shopkins, Miss Emily and Toy Genie Surprises can school you, or you can check out their website, OR you can check out their Wiki.  Those sources can describe these in better detail than I can.  But in short, Shopkins are blind bag mini-figurines that resemble items that one can buy in a store.  The baskets like Sherralee has contain two apiece, while the bigger packs have five or twelve.  I have two baskets for a grand total of four Shopkins, but since these guys are small I was able to fit all of mine into a single basket.
From left, these are Lana Lamp, Danni Danish, Peta Plunger, and Choco Lava.  So far there have been two series of these, with all four of mine belonging to the second series (series 1 came in blue baskets).  Some characters are more common than others, some are only available in the playsets, and certain rare characters come with fancy finishes.  If your figure is sparkly, transparent like Lana and Peta, fuzzy, or metallic, then you've gotten your hands on one of the harder figures to find.  The metallic characters are the hardest to find.  My intention is not to get a huge collection of these, but I do want to add a couple of the fuzzy ones to Sherralee's basket.  The fuzzy ones are baby-themed and I think they're super cute.  Dum-mee-mee is my favorite; she's a pacifier.

Sweeping change of subject now.  If any of y'all are devout followers of the Toy Box Philosopher (and I am), then you probably know by now that Miss Emily busted her leg in a car accident.  Apparently this was up on Facebook, but I had my head up my butt and didn't see it until just now.  Miss Emily, if you read this, I want you to know that you're in my thoughts and prayers.  A broken leg is nothing to sneeze at, but I'm thankful that you weren't hurt worse or killed.  I hope your recovery is quick and free of complications.  And to the rest of my followers, go check out her latest review if you haven't already.  Her new dolls are lovely.


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