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Friday, February 20, 2015

Dolly Dress Discussion: clothing options for Ever After High dolls, part one

When I posted earlier it was merely cold, damp, and windy.  Now the rain has started falling, and since it's below freezing the rain has turned into freezing rain.  The power has already flickered once so I'm going to try and get this done before we lose power for good (please pray that we don't).  Anywho, one of my friends was having fun with his Ever After High dolls earlier; he was putting them in outfits that looked cute...but not familiar.  I asked where he got such clothes and he answered "It's a mix of Bratz, Monster High, and handmade stuff.  The shoes are Stardoll shoes."  Well!  Why on earth didn't I think of that before???  I don't have a lot of handmade stuff in EVH size, but I've got Bratz and MH clothes coming out my ears.  Tonight we just do Bratz clothes, because I wasn't in much of a mood to undress a dozen Monster High dolls and try their clothes on my EVH doll.

Okay, let's get this show on the road.  Outfit #1:
COMPONENTS:  First-wave Meygan's top and jacket, first-wave Cameron's jeans, and Cupid's stock shoes. 
DISCUSSION:  The top fits almost perfectly...maybe a little short, but tolerable.  The jacket's sleeves are a teensy-weensy bit long, but not enough to spoil the look.  Meygan's stock jeans were too tight to fasten around Cupid's hips, so she got a pair of Cameron's instead (Cameron is a Bratz Boyz, by the way).  As for the shoes...well, the only ones I had that both matched this getup and would fit Cupid were her own.
RULING:  Cupid doesn't look too thrilled about this outfit; I guess her belly is cold (LOL).  In spite of that I'd definitely put this on her again.  This has an autumnal look to it, so it may reappear around September or so.
COMPONENTS:  Bratzillaz all the way.  This is one was originally intended for Cloetta, but I never owned (or wanted) Cloetta so my other dolls share it.
DISCUSSION:  The fit is almost perfect.  The skirt was a tiny bit hard to pull up, but not ridiculously so.  The boots are a hair big around the calf but perfect at the foot.  They're roomy enough that Cupid could wear her fishnet tights under them if she (or I) so choose.  The jacket presents an interesting conundrum.  The sleeves are slightly too long, but when I lift Cupid's arms up THIS happens!
The jacket rides up!  I had the same problem more than once in high school and trust me, if you're up in front of a crabby teacher or the school bully and her band of merry bitches, it's mortifying.  Cupid's a doll, so she doesn't have that problem.  I don't like it when the jacket rides up, however.  Luckly, I've got the matching cape!
Problem solved!  Plus it makes Cupid look extra toasty!
RULING:  I'd put Cupid in this again, but I'll be keeping the cape on hand next time.  I'll also probably add her tights so that her knees don't look so exposed to the cold.
COMPONENTS:  Old Bratz outfit.  I purchased this one when I was sixteen.  Of the five or so outfits available for the Bratz at the time, this one was my favorite. 
DISCUSSION:  The top fits like a charm, but the pants are too tight.  They do not close at the waist, and they don't pull up high enough to cover Cupid's molded-on panties.  Plus, I have no shoes that would both match this outfit and fit Cupid's feet.  Keep in mind that Bratz have shoe-feet that pop onto pegs at the ends of their legs.  The shoes that go with this outfit are designed for Bratz and Bratz alone.  Cupid's stock shoes didn't look good with this outfit, so there's no way to make it look complete.
RULING:  I might use the top if I can find an appropriate pair of bottoms and shoes, but I won't use the pants on Cupid again.
COMPONENTS:  This is older Bratz outfit, plus Cupid's stock shoes.
DISCUSSION:  I had high hopes for this one.  It's another of my favorite Bratz outfits, and Cupid's stock shoes match nicely.  The jacket's sleeves are too long, but then again ALL of the sleeves have been too long so far!  No, what broke the deal for me was the dress itself.  Cupid has a longer torso and longer legs than the old-style Bratz dolls.  As a result the dress is WAY too short for Cupid.  She can't sit or bend over without flashing her hiney, and those molded panties aren't painted in any way so at first glance it looks like she's mooning the world. 
RULING:  Cupid may barrow the jacket in the future, but she won't be wearing this dress again.  I might try it on Twilight Sparkle in the future though.  Y'all definitely haven't seen the last of this dress!
COMPONENTS:  Yet another old Bratz outfit.  I think this was one of the first three MGA released, in fact.  Again, Cupid wears her stock shoes.
DISCUSSION:  My feelings for this outfit have always been a bit ambivalent.  I love the way it looks on my Bratz dolls, I love the material it's made out of (especially those pants), and I love the cut of the pants.  The color combination didn't do much for me though.  But enough chatter, how does it fit Cupid?  Put bluntly, perfectly.  Well, almost perfect.  Notice again that the top is short on Cupid, but it's not as short as the others that I've shared.  The sleeves are the right length, for a change.  The pants are made of a stretchy, soft material, so they close around Cupid's waist with no fuss.  Wouldn't you know that the outfit I liked the least would fit Cupid the best!  I wasn't happy with the shoes though, so I gave Cupid Meygana's stock boots.
Oh, I forgot to mention that the logo on the top matches Cupid's hair to a T.  I think I've reached a point where she and I are both satisfied!
RULING:  I've gained a new appreciation for this outfit.  Cupid will probably be wearing it a lot.  I may also try the shirt with that pair of blue jeans that Cupid borrowed from Cameron earlier.

I should probably mention that my friend's EVH doll is Apple White, who is a blonde.  Certain colors looked better on her than they would on pink-haired Cupid.  If you have one of these dolls and a hoard of Bratz clothes, get them out and play around a bit.  Mix the pieces and try them on your doll.  It can be a little bit tedious at times, dressing, undressing, redressing, and all that, but it's worth the effort to see what your dolly can wear.  This is a great way to find some new duds for her and not spend any money.  Everybody wins.

The newer Bratz dolls have wider bodies, so I owe you a demo on some of those newer outfits.  There weren't as many released, unfortunately.  I can only think of five (I don't have them all), but they're worth a try.  Keep your eyes peeled for a discussion on those, as well as Monster High clothes.

Yours truly,


  1. I own a EAH/MH hybrid doll. The body is EAH. I use Bratz clothes on her. You can solve the short dress problem by using leggings or use thicker stockings

    1. Good idea. I do have Cupid's stock tights, but they're see-through (LOL). I like the idea of leggings, though.