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Saturday, August 23, 2014

New Monster High girls?

Yikes!  Another pair of Monster High dolls for Moony???
Nope, just CAM Blob Girl and Ice Girl in their new Inner Monster clothes!  Ice Girl is wearing Spookily Sweet and Blob Girl is wearing Fearfully Feisty.
It's amazing what a change of clothes will do for a doll!  Those masks add a lot of character to their faces.
"Hey Icy, wanna know a secret?"

I will likely have to purchase the coordinating doll that goes with the third Inner Monster outfit, Scared Silly.  That set comes with an orange mask, which would not jive well with either Icy's shiny blue plastic or Blobby's sparkly pink body.  I'm looking forward to that though, because then Blobby and Icy will have someone to swap body parts with!

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P.S.  If you want to know more about Monster High's new Inner Monster sets, Miss Emily has one of the characters reviewed.  They're super neat dolls.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

If you're a doll collector, read this!

Fresh from tommydoll on Wordpress:  thirty-nine dumb questions/comments that you may hear from people who are not doll collectors.  Enjoy!


And to make this post a little less visually drab, here's Mary-Anne in one of her new dresses.

Friday, August 1, 2014

On DollSewChic clothes

So these were originally supposed to be birthday presents, but they came in the mail yesterday and Mama decided to just hand them over.  These are handmade doll dresses from an Etsy shop DollSewChic.
Peaches (the beat-up old Cissy doll on the left) is wearing a dress sized for a large Miss Revlon doll; I've forgotten the measurements already, but I think it was for a 21-inch Miss Revlon.  Wendy (right) is my Little Miss Revlon doll, and she is wearing a dress sized for her kind.  I can't identify the material, but it's substantial and has great drape.  Peaches's dress closes with a strip of Velcro, and Wendy's dress has snaps.  Both are nicely shaped and hemmed, and both came with cute matching panties.  I haven't given the dresses a super-thorough looksie so I can't really review them too well, but they look very nice on my girls and I'm thankful.

DollSewChic offers handmade dresses and jewelry for Miss Revlon and like-sized dolls, Little Miss Revlon, Crissy and Velvet, Tiffany Taylor, Ellowyne Wilde, and Hearts 4 Hearts Girls.  The jewelry will also fit dolls with slender necks like B.F.C. Inc dolls.  Prices are very reasonable, so if you like handmade stuff for your vintage and not-so-vintage girls, then I recommend this site.

Happy First Day of August,