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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday randomness: window group

Four random dollies, two waiting for a review and two that are just...there.
From left, they are Katherine, Starr, Billie Jean, and Maxie.

*Katherine is a newcomer; I had one like her a few months ago, but I did something incredibly stupid with her.  Miss Genius left the first doll on top of the car, and when the car started moving...well, y'all can probably figure out what happened.  I never did find Katherine the First, though I think I know where she went.  She fell off the car in front of a house that has young children, so she has a good home elsewhere.  I found Katherine the Second on sale today and she will not be going anywhere for a long time.

*Starr is scheduled to be reviewed sometime in April.  She will not be this week's review, but I do plan on getting her review done soon.

*Billie Jean is no stranger to this blog.  Notice that she hasn't been redressed since the last post she appeared in.

*Maxie has made sporadic appearances in the three years that I've owned her, but I haven't talked about her much.  Like Starr, Maxie is scheduled to be reviewed before the end of April.  She won't be this week's review either, but she will get the review I think she deserves.

That being said, keep your eyes peeled for this week's review, plus anything else that might come up.

Yours truly,

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