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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Seeking the perfect Blythe doll

About this time two years ago my search was for the perfect ball-jointed doll.  I eventually found my Johnny (and a few other resin friends too), so now it's time to land another grail.  I've been fascinated by Blythe dolls ever since I saw an advertisement for a reproduction in a TV Guide...oh, I forget how many years ago that was.  I'd seen them used as highly unusual friends for Barbie in magazines too.  My sister had developed her fear of dolls by the time I learned who Blythe was, and so that factored into my desire for one of my own.  Why?  Well...look at the commercial and you'll see what I mean.  Even die-hard doll lovers have to admit that those eyes are a little freaky.  Blythe's facial expression doesn't help much; other dolls with large, shifting eyes like Pullip and Tangkou have smiles, while Blythe...well, depending on how the head and eyes are positioned, Blythe can look ticked or innocent or sleepy or focused.  That face is a blank slate.

So long story short, I want a Blythe doll.  The problem of course is finding a nice one.  Vintage dolls are expensive, a lot of dolls have been customized to death (which I don't want), and eBay is crawling with low-quality clones, fakes and "factory" Blythes.  The truth about factory Blythe dolls was a bitter pill to swallow for me because factory Blythes are affordable and have lovely hair colors like these...
...BUT THEY'RE PHONIES!!!  Le sigh...if any of y'all remember the fit I threw over Sailor Mercury's hair then you'll know how I love unusual hair.

My sweet friend Talolili knew of a person that was selling a Blythe doll, but unfortunately I couldn't afford it at the time.  Yeah, I know I could've just owed the person, but I absolutely HATE owing people and telling them "I'll pay you when I get paid."  So I'm doing this the hard way and ordering a doll straight from the company.  Junie Moon has a ton of cute dolls, and so does Mandarake.

Since these dolls are pricey, even when they come from Junie Moon or Mandarake, I just want one.  But which one???  These dolls come in three different sizes and in a lot of variations, so that choice won't be easy.  I know I want a Neo Blythe, because they're the largest and because they apparently can share clothes with Licca-chan.  But as much as I love unnatural hair colors, I wasn't sure if I wanted a doll with natural or fantasy tresses.  Miss Emily's doll, Phoebe Maybe, has pretty but natural red hair, but her stock outfit is adorable and her hair is styled in an easy, versatile style.  One of my favorites, Orange and Spice, has plain brown hair, but in keeping with her "orange" theme she has a lovely dress.  Simply Guava and Simply Mango, both of whom I also like, have hot pink hair and light orange hair respectively, but their stock outfits are a little humdrum compared to Phoebe's and Orange's.  Guava and Mango do have one thing that Phoebe and Orange don't, though; they both come with small dogs, and both dogs happen to be breeds that I love (longhaired dachshund for Guava and Chihuahua for Mango).  And those are just some of the dolls I like! 

Orange and Spice is my favorite of the above-mentioned dolls, but I don't think Junie Moon has her anymore, and I haven't found her on Mandarake yet.  However...Junie Moon does have this little cutie.
Is that coat epic or what???  This is UFO a Go-Go, who has an obvious space theme.  She has blue-green hair (which I love), retro clothes (which I love), that star-studded jacket and hat (which I love), and...I just love this doll.  I think she's the perfect one for me.  Junie Moon still has her and if they get out of stock there, Mandarake has her too.  So unless something strange happens, UFO a Go-Go will likely be the Blythe doll I bring home.  I'll have to wait until a few more paychecks come in since the adult life has a lot of curveballs it can throw, but I definitely want this doll.  I even have a name picked out for her:  Bellatrix, after a blue giant in the constellation Orion.

When/if I do bring Miss Bellatrix home, I'll let y'all know.

Lots of love,


  1. Wow, UFO a Go-Go is soooo cute! That outfit...I hope you can get her!! I only have one Blythe that I got at Christmas 2013 (Misha tebya lyublyu-that's a mouthful, lol) and have wanted to add another one, but hadn't really thought about it in a while. Now you have me thinking about it again! :)

    1. I'd definitely go for this one if you're wanting another, but Junie Moon has other cute things too. That's one of the things I love about Blythe; they're all interesting.

  2. I don't have any Blythes (other than LPS tinies), but UFO there is adorable!

    1. LPS tinies count! I never could find the ladybug set with well-set eyes, but that line was cute nonetheless.