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Friday, April 7, 2017

Alas, poor Emiko...

...we know her well!  Or we knew her before, when she was like this.
Now for awhile I'll know her like this!
Remember when I said that her neck was crumbling?  Well, it finally gave way last night, under the not-so-terrible strain of a hairstyling session.  And wouldn't you know, the plastic know that attaches a doll's head to its body came off with the head so I had to dig that out.  I got it out fairly quickly with the help of some hot water and two forks, but that came at the cost of a bent fork, two mildly scalded fingers, and a few cuss words.  I did get the job done though, and now Emiko's head is resting safely in Jenny's lap, waiting for her new body to come.
I hated to bid the old body adieu.  It wasn't flawless, having green marks on one arm and uneven legs, but those flaws added character.  Unfortunately a body with a broken neck has no use in the doll world, so I declared it obsolete.  I had the option of buying another Jenny body but the call of an Obitsu body, with its superior jointing and soft bust options, was too great to ignore.  I've never owned or seen an Obitsu body in real life, so this will be an exciting new thing to have.  I ordered the body late last night and received a notification that it was shipping today, so it'll likely be sometime next week before I have it in my grubby little mitts.  In the meantime I'll start throwing the next review together.


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