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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dolly Dress Discussion: another of the new Barbie fashions

This isn't going to be a review or anything in depth, but rather a follow-up to my last Dolly Dress Discussion post.  The pink dress went over pretty well with our readers, though like me none of them felt like Billie Jean rocked it.  The consensus was that her blue hair and trendy overall vibe clashed with the pink dress.  That left me with naught but the clothes on Billie Jean's back to dress her in, and that in turn left me wanting to pay another visit to Wal-Mart.  That opportunity came today when we...WE RAN OUT OF TOILET PAPER!!!  Not cool!  Anyway, we had to go to the store, and while I was there I found another outfit.  I didn't think to photograph it in the package, but when I saw the colors and the size chart, I knew it was meant for Billie Jean.
Like the pink dress, this outfit is of a universal size, but since there's three other outfits sized like that and they're ALL MOSTLY PINK, I decided to make this outfit solely for Billie Jean.  The skirt is purple with dark pink, blue, and white flowers, so I knew her hair would match it instead of clashing.  This looks like a dress, but it is in fact a skirt and a top.  Both items are cut generously so they flatter Billie Jean's curves without looking too tight...and both pieces are printed all the way around!!!  I did have a little trouble getting the skirt's waistband around the doll's hips, but other than that she slides into this like a weasel slides into a prairie dog hole.  As an added bonus, Billie Jean can sit in this (she couldn't sit in her tight stock skirt).  I hope Mattel does more of these cute outfits; I've griped in the past about Mattel skimping on doll clothes, so I hope the release of these outfits is a sign of things to come.

I wish to thank our readers for the input on the last Dolly Dress Discussion.  D7ana says she thinks Sindy, Candace, and Bambi rocked the pink dress the best, and the other two commenters seemed to just appreciate the multiple comparison photos.  Taking those photos is no easy task, particularly when I'm using the camera on my cell phone, so the kind words are much appreciated.  Talolili and I do our best to make this blog a nice one, so it's always good to know our work pleases y'all.

I've got another Throwback Thursday review waiting in the wings, so stay tuned!



  1. Oh, I love this outfit on Billie Jean! Even better that it is printed all around. Mattel does get it right sometimes. I just may have to make a Walmart run soon. Hmm, I better go check to see if we need toilet paper!

    1. LOL, oh yes, you MUST have toilet paper! It's a heck of a note to need to go and then learn that there's no TP in the cabinet! But yeah, like I said in the other post, you may have to dig through the outfits to find what you're looking for. There's at least four new little outfits and surprise, surprise, they're mostly pink. They're cute though!