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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday randomness: Gerda

For this weeks random post I present my new doll Gerda (with Shani, whom I happened to have along).
Gerda is an Etsy find from England, one labeled as a "Barbie/Bild Lili clone."  She has a hollow plastic body with five points of articulation (hip, hip, shoulder, shoulder, neck).  Her head is a little faded, not unlike a Mego Candi doll's head.  See this?
She's a blonde, and because she's listed as a Bild Lili clone I gave her a Germanic name.  Her only markings are a No. 999 on her right butt cheek.  She can wear Barbie's clothes, but not her shoes.  Check this out.
Little brown leatherette boots, carefully stitched in place and not removable.  I've seen Barbies and Barbie-clones with permanently attached shoes, but never anything like this.  The Etsy seller didn't photograph this, but no biggie.  I'll never have to worry about Gerda having a Cinderella moment.

Little touches like that are one reason why I love Barbie-clones.  You never know when you'll see something unique like these shoes.  Granted, this is the first time I've ever seen anything like this, but that just makes the search more fun!  Now to see if I have any luck identifying my Gerda.  She looks a little like a Betty Ballard doll, but I don't know if Betty ever had short hair like Gerda does.

God bless,

UPDATE, 3/31/2017:  I learned from a lady on Facebook that Plasty marked their exported Petra dolls with 999.  The photographs of Petra on Doll Reference look very much like a brunette version of my Gerda, right down to the fade pattern.


  1. Oh that's pretty cool! The little booties add some flair to her!

    1. Yeah, I love those. Those little shoes make her different from my other clones.