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Thursday, March 9, 2017

A very special visitor

My coworkers at the library know that I love dolls, and every now and then they either give me one or bring one of their own to show me.  Today one of my friends brought this little lady in for me to look at.
This doll is an unmarked composition baby, about ten inches from head to toe, with strung limbs and original clothes that appear to be tacked on.  I can't verify the age, but she belonged to my friend's great grandmother so this little gal has been around awhile.  The compo has deteriorated some, particularly on the face, but the doll's charm and nostalgic value are fully intact.  My friend tells me that this doll has been willed to her youngest daughter upon her death.  I suggested that she send the doll for some restorative work before passing her on, but understandably my friend is a little leery of sending her family heirloom off to some stranger.  If the doll were mine, I'd send her off for repairs, but she's not mine so I'm not going to push the issue.  My friend seems to love her as she is anyway, so that's what counts.

I've seen compo dolls like this before, but it's always a treat to see one that belongs to a friend.  It was a real honor to meet this little poppet in the flesh...er, sawdust.  LOL


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