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Sunday, March 5, 2017

On My Twinn eyes and fans

It finally happened.  My Xenia's eyes have changed enough that I can tell the difference with just a glance.  Her eyes have turned from dark brown to an interesting shade of violet.  It may be hard to tell the difference from the following two pictures, but there definitely has been a change.
I've had Xenia a little over a year and that's all it's taken for her eyes to turn.  By contrast, her larger My Twinn friend Rael has been around for about nineteen years, and her eyes are still clear as a bell.
My Hearts for Hearts doll Mosi is also older than Xenia by a couple of years, and her eyes show no signs of color change.  This is significant because Hearts for Hearts eyes are notorious for turning purple.  Also, keep in mind thay Mosi cost a third of what a doll like Xenia would normally cost.
I don't mind Xenia's purple eyes so much, but the principle of it bugs me.  It shows how bad My Twinn's quality control got before the fat lady finally sang last year.  

On a more positive note, I got a message from Talolili today and she told me some delightful news.  She went to her local fashion doll meet and she met some collectors that like our blog.  They enjoy the reviews AND the random posts that we both do.  If any of you folks out there were at that meet and read this, I want to say thank you for your positive comments.  A blog isn't much good if it doesn't have good followers, and y'all are some of the best.  We'll do our part by trying to keep a regular flow of posts coming; that's not always easy because Tal and I both work, but we'll do what we can.  Also keep in mind that the comment section is open for any comments, questions, or critiques.  Please keep it polite and PG-rated and we'll respond as best we can.  Keep your eyes peeled for another review this Thursday.  It'll be another oldie.

Hugs and kisses to all,

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