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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More on the Lammily dolls

Some folks never know when (or how) to quit.  Nickolay Lamm apparently heard the "never give up" memo so popular right now, because I'm seeing what appear to be Lammily dolls for sale.  Not in stores yet, but online.
According to this link the Lammily dolls are supposed to depict a normal 19-year-old female.  I still hate the blonde prototype with a passion and will continue to call her Cow Barbie, but this little brunette is pretty good.  I had no idea that they were going to be completely customizable, though.  These chunky little minxes come with stickers depicting stuff like tattoos, grass stains...and even injuries like bruises!!!  Heck, there's even a set of stretch mark stickers!
I hate having stretch marks and I do everything I can to hide them, and having a plastic doll with them isn't going to change my feelings on that.  But I'll give Mr. Lamm credit on these.  All bodily modifications and imperfections are represented...except maybe a piercing or two.  Since Lammily can have tattoos a few optional piercings might be a cute idea too.

Bottom line:  it will be interesting to see if these will be a success.  I doubt they will; in the past I've discussed some other Barbie challengers and how well they fared.  But I could be wrong; that customization gives the Lammily doll an edge that the other Barbie alternates didn't have.  And that cute face is hard to resist!

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  1. I think the time might be right for this type of doll. I myself ordered 2 of the dolls during the crowd funding many months ago and am looking forward to receiving them. I laughed a little when I saw the "marks" package though. Maybe a little too much realism for me. I definitely won't be giving my doll stretch marks or cellulite -- I already live with enough of that already! I am always on the look out for dolls with varying body shapes. I own some Mixis, Get Real, Prettie Girls and a Big Beautiful doll. Oh, and I also have the Hairspray Edna and Tracy doll as well as the dolls from the Drew Carey Show. All in the interest of diversity!