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Monday, November 24, 2014

Novi Star news

It appears that MGA Entertainment's Novi Stars will live to see 2015...or at least, the end of 2014.  The news comes from Bratz Boulevard and Novi Stars Blog, and now it's MY turn to announce it (LOL).  C'mon, you know I'm a fan of these dolls!  At the moment there appear to be four new characters, and unsurprisingly, each one has a gimmick.  Frostina Sprinkles has hollow legs filled with "sprinkles."  She also has four arms like Mallie Tasker does.
Justina Hour is a Super Nova and apparently has a time theme.  Her eyes move.
Carmella Sweet is candy-themed and is billed as "gummy soft."

Doe A. Deer is the other Super Nova, and she is fuzzy to the touch.
I have a passionate hatred for "The Sound of Music," but Doe is still very cute.  I love her face and her cute leafy dress.  However, if I were to pick just one of these, it would likely be Carmella.  I love her bright color palate, her eyes, and her candy theme.  I seriously doubt the final product will look as good as these promo pictures do; MGA is one of the worst companies about getting fans all excited over something new, and then doing a mass revamp right before production starts.  WHY???  Why do they do that?  I understand that not all dolls are going to look like their promo pics, but MGA is bad about making these hugely drastic changes that make the final product look very, VERY different from the prototype.  The majority of the Lalaloopsies in production have escaped that problem, with the exception of Haley Galaxy.  But the rest of these dolls haven't been as fortunate.  Revamp or no, I'm still excited to see these spacey new dolls ready for release.  I hope desperately that this will mean some new clothes.

And now...now I must lock my doors, arm myself, and pray that rioting from St. Louis does not make it this far south.  The verdict in the Michael Brown case will be announced at 9 p.m. central time, and one of the bigwigs up there (can't remember if it was Jackson or Sharpton) has said there will be a "peaceful protest" regardless of the outcome.  Yeah right.  You and I both know how peaceful a protest is in the city.  Sure, there are probably folks who DO want a peaceful protest, and that's their right.  The problem is that when the protest starts all the never-do-wells come out in droves and start causing trouble.  If you live in the St. Louis area (or any other place that may be affected by rioting), all I can say is that my prayers and best wishes are with you.  Stay inside, stay safe, pop some popcorn, and watch hell break loose on TV.

Yours somewhat-nervously,


  1. These new Novi Stars look so cute--more my style than the previous issue, thanks for sharing this!

    1. You are most welcome! Kudos also to Bratz Boulevard and Novi Star Blog for providing valuable information. If you can read Spanish the Novi Star Blog is a great resource.

  2. I have Doe who I imported from a site in Kazakhstan, and know someone who got Frostina from Taobao - I assure you, these are indeed the final product pics, not prototypes! :) I've seen the actual prototype pics of Doe on the back of her box, and besides having a few extra flowers on her dress and different antennae, she doesn't look that different.

    1. GOOD!!! Glad to hear it. Doe is one that I'm looking forward to; I love fuzzy things! Thanks for the info.