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Saturday, September 27, 2014

New ground rules

I probably should've done this in the very beginning, but I didn't foresee any problems that I might have with this blog.  Due to an overly sensitive reader that I ran into earlier, I think that some ground rules are in order.

Rule #1:  If you don't like what I have to say, be it about a doll, a concept, or some aspect of myself (my religion, my political beliefs, etc), you are more than welcome to bugger off and GO ELSEWHERE.  Nethilia said this about her blog and I will say it about mine:  this is my blog and I'll say what I please.  I do try to tread lightly around delicate topics (or just avoid them altogether), but when push comes to shove my feelings are going to come first here.  

Rule #2:  If you've taken issue with one part of a post, do me a favor and read the rest of the post before getting your panties in a wad and saying something stupid.  If it's news I try to go from bad to good in an attempt to keep things positive (unless the news is all bad or all good, which it rarely is).  If it's a doll review I take good things and bad things as they come and then sum it all up at the end.

Rule #3:  If you choose to ignore the first two rules and get your little feelings hurt, you have the option to message me below.  I don't mind if our opinions differ, and I don't mind if you say a few naughty words (hey, I cuss in real life).  However, keep in mind that since this is my blog, I have the privilege of reviewing your comment before posting it.  If the comment is confrontational, rude, overly vulgar, dumb/spammy/off-topic, or if it attacks me or any other blogger, I will have it removed.  I started this blog for fun (both for you and for me), and I absolutely will not tolerate any baloney.

Break these rules, and Jade is going to come to your place and do THIS!

Yours Truly,


  1. These look like good rules to me! Seems like lately, there is a lot of this type of thing going on in dolly blogs. I mean with people flaming you or getting bent out of shape about your opinion you post on YOUR blog! Good for you for taking this stand! I wholeheartedly agree!

    1. It's too bad when trolling gets to be such a problem that you have to make rules, innut? Thanks for the support!