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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Eye spy...

When my family moved to our new house in 2011, I put my historical American Girls up on a shelf and left them there.  Fast-forward three years, and I'm just now getting to where I'm interested in them again.  It helped that I finally found my box of spare AG clothes (also missing since 2011).  Upon the rediscovery of these clothes I pulled the girls down off that shelf and started redressing them.  Now would be a good time to mention that I have four historical girls (Felicity, Kirsten, Samantha, and Molly), and all of them have more than one outfit.  For the most part redressing went well; Felicity's nightgown and meet dress needed a washing, but all was well otherwise.  Joints were tight, vinyl needed only a light dusting, hair was shiny.  All was well...until I looked at Molly.  This is what I found:
In addition to having a slightly grubby face, Molly has a nasty case of silver eye.  This didn't surprise me too terribly because Molly is an older doll (age is one factor in silver eye development), and she is also one of the dolls that is predisposed to the condition (Kaya, Addy, Kirsten, Kit, and two of the non-historicals can also get it).  Fortunately silver eye isn't contagious, unlike the eye mold that can be found on vintage Crissy dolls.  Unfortunately, the only way that I can get this fixed is if I send Molly in to AG's hospital to have that eye replaced.  This is problematic because my particular Molly is...well, she's not Mattel!  She is either PC or transitional, I'm not sure which.  Her eyelashes are soft to the touch, which is a big deal for some collectors because Mattel dolls' lashes are stiff plastic.  If I were to send Molly to the hospital her eye could be replaced, no fuss, no muss, but the new eye would have the stiff Mattel lashes.  This wouldn't bother me except that I'm not sure how Molly would look with PC lashes on one eye and Mattel lashes on the other.  If I could guarantee that the appearance wouldn't be that different, I'd have her mended in a heartbeat.  But since I CAN'T be sure, I'm just going to hold on to her and see what happens with the other eye.

Kirsten is also on the list of dolls that can develop silver eye, so I'm going to watch her very closely.  Stay tuned.

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  1. I kinda like the look of silver eye...especially since Molly's eye's are grey to begin with. I got 2 Bitty Babies used to use for my doll business, and they both have silver eye...and I think it gives them character!!! Cathy www.etsy.com/shop/prairiewindgirls

    1. One of my friends said the same thing about the character bit, and I think the two of you are right. As of right now I've chosen to leave my Molly as-is and give her some sort of cutesy nickname.