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Friday, July 6, 2018

The ol' 'tater wagon

We're having a heckuva thundershower right now, or an "ol' 'tater wagon," as my grandmother would say.  Dig this rain!
Shot through the window of the library, so it's not the best quality.  I think y'all get the drift, though.  This is one of my favorite things about this time of year, though; you get random thunderstorms at random times of the day (or night).  They make a lot of noise, drop about a quarter of an inch of rain, and usually that's it.  As they say about the weather, if you don't like it just wait fifteen minutes.  That holds true for much of Missouri AND her surrounding states.

In dolly news, Freya's eyes came and they look very nice.  I chose green ones in the hope that they'd provide a nice contrast to her purple plastic, and I think that proved to be a wise decision.
The downside of doll eyes like this is that they are harder to place than eyes with round pupils.  Most of my ball-jointed dolls have eyes with rounded pupils and I can just fasten them in with eye putty and call it a day.  Not so with cat pupils!  I had to take out and reposition these eyes four times before I was finally satisfied with their position, and they're STILL not perfectly straight.  But...name a ball-jointed doll in this world that DOES have perfectly straight eyes!

It's a slow day at the library due in part to the storm, so here's a glimpse of what my dolls' living space looks like.  Freya is with her usual companions, Usaggie and a Dreamtopia Chelsea doll that I renamed "Calypso." 
Not much of a living space, just a pile of books and cards, plus some other odds and ends that I crammed into the shelf and never pitched.  I need to clean this space out and make a couch for the girls to sit on; at the very least it'll make the patrons smile.  I don't make a habit of showing off my dolls to my clients, but every now and then a patron sees this trio and makes some good-natured comment.  So a nice couch might liven the space up a bit.

The ol' 'tater wagon is moving off to the southeast now, though it's still raining and thundering here in Malden.  Hey, as long as lightning doesn't hit either of our houses I'm happy.  That's happened twice in the past, and God willing it won't happen again!  I'm praying it won't, because that's scary!

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  1. I love Freya with those eyes! She reminds me of Niko from One Shot!

  2. Freya and Usaggie are cute. They look like cat people to me ... like cat-humanoids.

    Chelsea has a gorgeous shade of blue hair. So vivid and bright.

    1. LOL, so glad you like my critters! Those Dreamtopia Chelsea dolls are a lot of fun to look at, though I must admit they're more fun when there's more than one of them together. Have you ever seen the one with orange hair?