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Monday, February 1, 2016

The mysterious package

When one orders any sort of doll, be it a ball-jointed doll, an American Girl, or a Barbie, one tends to watch the mail quite a bit.  So it was with me this past Saturday.  My mother very kindly ordered some things for Johnny, and they showed up on Saturday, but I also got a pink slip.  Not the kind that says "YOU'RE FIRED," but the kind that the mail carrier leaves when you've got a parcel that was too big to carry.  The slip said the package weighed over a pound, so I figured that it was either Johnny and his stuff or a package of My Twinn clothes that I ordered around the middle of the month.  There was one serious problem with this thinking, though:  neither package had shipped.  Johnny's order still says "processing," and the My Twinn order had been filled but not put in the mail.  So I was at a complete loss for ideas...and I had to wait all weekend to see what the package was!

It turns out that I forgot about another thing that I ordered.  My mystery parcel turned out to be this.
Gabrielle Justine is an Etsy proprietor who makes unique little rag dolls, and that is where my girl came from.  This was another find of my mother's; she was surfing Facebook and found a link to the store on Etsy.  Needless to say my interest was piqued, and within fifteen minutes I'd picked out this blue-haired poppet.  She's about eighteen inches from head to toe.  Her eyes and mouth are painted, and everything else is sewn.  Her arms are jointed with little buttons, and her legs dangle like rag doll legs should.  Her clothes are not removable, but as well sewn as they are, no one would want to remove them!  Her hair and the flower decorations are wool, and the rest is one of my favorite fibers, cotton.  

I haven't had Azure, as I've chosen to call her, long enough to really get a feel for how well she's made, but I certainly do like her!  I love her color (blue, my second favorite color), I love the fabric, and I love the print (POLKA DOTS!!!).  How I managed to forget she was on her way, I'll never know, but it's good to have her home!  If rag dolls are your thing, Gabrielle has plenty of options to choose from.  You can get a blue one like mine, or a ballerina, or just about anything.  She offers other things too, like stuffed animals, pillow coverings, and cute little jewelry boxes!

With Azure safely in my arms, I can now settle back and wait for my other things.  The My Twinn clothes should arrive in the middle of the week, provided we don't get swept away by a tornado before then!  Gotta love El Nino and his goofy winter weather!  Anywho, if I survive Tuesday I should have a box coming with some My Twinn clothes for Rael.  My Twinn is apparently closing for good, and I got five outfits for a buck ninety each.  So...weather permitting, you may be hearing from Rael and Xenia later on this week.  

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  1. She's charming! I love the simplicity of a nice floppy rag doll. :)

    1. Thank you! I don't care how old you get; you're never too old to hug a rag doll!