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Monday, February 8, 2016

My Twinn's not-so-grand finale

Right before the turn of the year the My Twinn Collectors group was in an uproar because of decreasing quality; cloudy eyes, receiving the wrong thing, disappearing black dolls, stuff like that.  I predicted that the company was closing, and that turned out to be true.  Well, as of today, February 8th, 2016, My Twinn has officially closed.  Furthermore, they appear to be closing for good.  Time for a backstory.  Some of my fellow group members received the wrong thing over the past month and a half, including one lady who had ordered eye replacement for her boy and girl dolls.  This lady, whom I'll call Miss A, is Hispanic, and she had two dolls, one for her son and one for her daughter.  Lo and behold, when she gets the package back, she had one black girl and one Hispanic girl instead of a Hispanic girl and boy.  The black doll was VERY cute; she had a full head of dark curls and a Cai head, just like Miss Emily's Sabrina.  She was adorable...but she wasn't Miss A's doll.  Miss A did get her boy doll back, and the cute little Sabrina-lookalike was on her way to her real home, but I'm not sure if My Twinn helped out or not.

Apparently Miss A wasn't the only one who had this problem.  The catch is that now My Twinn is doing nothing to help.  Another of my fellow group members e-mailed them and got the following response:

If you received the wrong doll we cannot exchange it for you at this time. We have completely closed and are not receiving any packages for exchange.

One straggler did remain so that customers would at least get a refund.

This latest closure looks to be final, as opposed to prior closures where a revival was attempted.  Not only have most of the employees headed for the hills, but all the unsold stock has been sent to charity.  And get this as well:  the 23-inch head molds were apparently DESTROYED!!!  So even if someone wanted a revival there would be very little to work with.  (UPDATE, 2/19/2016:  the molds were not destroyed, but rather taken by an employee and put in storage.)

The reported destruction of these molds makes me wonder now which of the current dolls will become the rare ones.  Past faces like Tamsen and Beatriz have become hard to find and eagerly sought-after by hardcore collectors, so I wonder if any of the others will become like that.  I doubt my little Ariel dolls will be considered rare, but we'll see in the years to come.  In the meantime, I'm going to prowl eBay for a black Denika.  Nope, I still haven't given up on that pipe dream!

Very truly yours,

UPDATE:  Miss A's Sabrina-lookalike came back to her today, so some little kid out there didn't get her doll.  I don't know what Miss A is going to do about that, but I'll keep you posted.

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