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Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Twinn haul

In my last post I vocalized the impending arrival of yet another package, and the possibility that we might be blown away before the package arrived.  Well, the storm system came on Tuesday, bringing a fifteen-minute downpour, a single crack of thunder, an anemic-looking rainbow, and that's all!  Second time this winter that we've been warned of something coming, only to get relatively nothing.  In short, I didn't blow away, and I've survived to see my package from My Twinn.
I must say that our UPS carriers are some of the quietest I've ever witnessed.  I didn't hear the vehicle, and I didn't hear our carrier bring the package up to the door.  I didn't even know my package had arrived until I went out to start warming up the car for work.  Lo and behold, it was there.  Everything inside is for my larger doll, Rael.  I probably could've ordered some things for Xenia too, but finding clothes for her is so easy that I completely forgot to look on the MT website.  Shame too, because I might've been able to snag some outfits that matched Rael's.

Alrighty, let's start.  Each little outfit is packaged in a cute bag like this:
The plastic is thin enough to reveal a little bit of the fabric underneath, so I knew right away what this bag contained.  It had the denim dress, which was my favorite of the bunch that I ordered.
I loved the way this looked on the doll My Twinn used as their model, and I love how it looks on Rael.  I'm not sure if the material really is denim, but regardless of fiber composition it's a nice little dress.  The fabric feels thick and durable, and yet soft enough to feel pleasant to the touch.  The buttons, to my surprise, are real.  They go through honest-to-God holes as opposed to snaps or strips of Velcro.  They're well-sewn, but these buttons automatically render this dress unsuitable for small children, lest they detach, swallow, and inhale said buttons.

To my surprise, the dress came with some shoes.
Yeah, MT showed shoes with the dress, but I thought they had to be purchased separately.  The shoes are Converse-style sneakers with fake leather toes and rubber soles.  The laces are real, which means no shoving the shoes blindly onto Rael's feet.  Oddly, the rest of these sneakers are not made of a material that I'd expect; instead of pleather or canvas, the black material is velour.  It's soft to the touch and it makes the shoes a little easier to slip on, but the heel is bad to fold under when I put these shoes on.  I'm also glad that these aren't shoes for real children, as that velour would get filthy in a hurry.

Next is a pink outfit.
Okay, it's not 100% pink, but pink is definitely the dominant color here.  This outfit reminds me of a getup I wore on my first (and only) childhood fishing trip.  It's got a little sunhat, the presence of which required me to rearrange Rael's hair quite a bit.  I don't know if it'll ever be normal again, but if it's not, oh well.  The shirt further necessitated the rearranging of hair, because it doesn't open in back.  It slips over Rael's head just like a real shirt does.  It buttons up the front and has a real pocket on the left chest.  The jeans are your normal, run-of-the-mill cargo jeans.  The pockets and hems are stitched with pink thread, which helps tie the overall look together.  The pockets aren't real, which is a bummer, but real pockets likely would've driven up the cost of the outfit and added unsightly bulk.  The fly closes with Velcro and a snap, which is a cute touch.

Like the denim dress, this pink outfit came with a pair of shoes.
These are slip-on shoes, the kind that look like they're a bastardized cross between a loafer and a sneaker.  They're not my favorite shoe aesthetically, but I know from experience that shoes like this are extremely comfortable and convenient.  These are made of a pink suede-like material with white canvas interiors and white rubber soles.  They're more rigid than the black sneakers, so they slide on more easily.

The next outfit is also dominantly pink.
This shirt has a Velcro closure in back, so I don't have to yank this over Rael's head like the last one.  It's the same shade of pink, but that's pretty much where the similarities end.  The shirt has long sleeves, perfect for the current time of year, and the design on front is painted on.  From a distance it looks like fancy embroidery.  The leggings are black stretch-knit leggings that go with everything.  There's not much else to say about those; they look great on Rael, but I can remember having to wear stretch pants when I was a kid.  I was chunky when I was a tween, and the stretch pants didn't help one iota.

Again, this outfit came with a pair of shoes.
Of all the pairs of shoes I received today, these are my favorites.  They're white canvas with white pleather toes and white rubber soles.  The design is painted on the side, and the eyeholes for the laces are each painted a different color.  They are highly similar to my first pair of laced shoes.  I love the springtimey look of these shoes!  I'll have to find a cute sun outfit to go with them.

The next outfit...well, it looks like it might be an exercise set.
The shirt opens in the back, but not all the way, so I either have to pull this over Rael's head or over her feet.  Since pulling stuff over her head isn't much fun I elected to pull the shirt over her feet.  The shirt is decorated with printed flowers and butterflies in green, black, and lavender.  Other than that there's not much to say.  It's just your basic little T-shirt.  The pants are cargo pants, and they have pockets that actually open and close.  The right hip and left leg are emblazoned with more flowers, which helps tie the look together.  The fly snaps and Velcros closed, just like the jeans above.  The shoes, which I carelessly neglected to photograph, are purple and white sneakers with lots of detail.  The soles even have treads, for crying out loud!  This is a well-executed set, though it brings back memories of those hideous windbreaker suits that I had to wear when I was a kid.  I don't have a single positive thing to say about those.  At least these pants don't swish constantly, like my set did.  Lord have mercy, that was annoying.

Lastly, I got a pajamas set.
I'm not going to discuss this in much detail, because it's exactly the same as Xenia's set, only on a larger scale.  If you want to read about this pajamas set, you can find Xenia's review HERE.  As you can see below, the two make quite a pair in matching pj's!
I wish now that I hadn't neglected to pick up some other outfits for Xenia as well.  I believe the eighteen-inch outfits were on sale as well, and a couple of them matched some sets that Rael has.  I can still look for the sets on secondary market, but I do wish I hadn't overlooked them on My Twinn's site.

Well, that's a lot to think about, innut!  Time to relax!
Before I sign off, I should probably mention that Xenia's eyes are indeed turning.  I wasn't able to get a decent picture, but her eyes have a definite lavender hue.  I guess that's inevitable for the eighteen-inch dolls, but it certainly is disheartening.  It'll be interesting to see how Xenia's eyes look as they change though, so I guess that cloud has a silver lining.  See you soon!



  1. Your dolls are adorable and these outfits are so cute. I love that they came with shoes too. I really like the white sneakers with the floral print on the side. As always, great review!

    1. LOL, thanks! We have the same taste in shoes, because those are my favorites too!

  2. The swishy pants line made me laugh. I remember those horrible leisure suits and the awful sound it made with EVERY STEP (I had a bright pink, purple and green number in grade school). Thank goodness that trend died long ago!

    1. Mine had a tie-dyed effect; oranges and pinks and purples, greens and blues. The colors were beautiful and the suit was comfortable, but that sound was completely annoying. They have these on Etsy, believe it or not! I do believe there are folks who actually still wear the danged things!