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Friday, March 13, 2015

Dolly Dress Discussion: Vi and Va Roxxi's dress

Ladies, gents, goofballs, it's RagingMoon1987 with some more chatter about doll clothes.  I do this so often that I decided to warn y'all in the title from now on.  Anyway, today my family braved the rain (not snow, thank God) and the resulting treacherous roads to run some errands up at Cape Girardeau, and while we were there I decided to pop into Target.  Remember when I mentioned MGA Entertainments new Vi and Va line?  Yep, they're here!  Or, they were at Target, at least.  I saw the birthday set and some new clothes.  I'm still holding out on one of the dolls because their eyes put me off somewhat, but the clothes are another story.  So far there are four outfits, which leads me to believe that there's one for each character.  Some of the outfits come with cute little anime-like mini dolls, but I just went with a single dress.  I got the one that's intended for Roxxi.
The dominant colors are yellow and orange, with blue and red accents.  I'm unsure whether the pattern on the skirt is supposed to be feathers, leaves, or ears of wheat, but either way it makes for an interesting looking garment.  The feathery/leafy material is stiff and unhemmed, but I doubt raveling will be a problem.  The petticoat underneath is orange with gold sparkles, and the bolero is a separate piece.  The dress is sleeveless and thus held up with clear rubber straps.  It's not perfect, but it's a cute dress. 

Anywho, I got this dress with the intention of trying it on some of the dolls I've already got.  Pix E. Flutters, Pepper Parson, and Princess Malucia were all on my mind since they have small bodies and few clothes.  Pix went first.
The bodice is big around Pix's chest and slides around a lot, and the shoes didn't even come close to fitting.  Other than that this is fine.  I like how this looks with Pix's coloring and build, and I like how it covers most of her painted-on tights.  The bolero helps to hold the bodice in place, though it's still a task to get the bodice flattened out. 

Pepper went next.
The dress fits Pepper better than it does Pix, but it's still a little big in the bodice.  Again, the bolero helps to hold things in place.  Since Pepper's blue stock shoes match the blue belt so well I didn't bother trying on the orange shoes, so I can't tell you if those fit or not.  I doubt it since they're roomy shoes, and Pepper has little feet.  Overall I'm very happy with this result; this new dress is longer than Pepper's stock dress, so it provides a little more coverage.  As a last little note on this section, Pepper's coloring matches Roxxi's the closest of my three dolls.  Since the dress flatters Pepper's coloring she'll probably get to wear this again...that is, if Princess Malucia will give it back!

Right, Princess Malucia.  She makes Angelica Pickles look like a polishing school valedictorian, so spoiled is she.  I doubt she'd be into sharing, which brings us to the dress.
I don't think Malucia looks as good in the dress as Pepper does, but it fits her better so odds are she's going to be wearing it for awhile.  Heck, the shoes even fit!  Not well, mind you, but they DO fit.  My main issue with this overall look is that the colors of the dress don't jive with Malucia's hair.  Valentina's dress would be a better match since it's pink.

My intention is to try and get all four outfits (of course), so odds are this one will end up belonging to Pepper.  I just think she looks best in it.  This little experiment has left me all the more curious about Vi and Va themselves, too.  Since Pix, Pepper, and Malucia can all wear Vi and Va's clothes, I wonder if it'll work the other way around.  I may have to get over my dislike of Vi and Va's eyes and have a looksee.  In the meantime, if you have a Lalaloopsy Girl, a Pinkie Cooper doll, or a Princess Malucia doll, I recommend Roxxi's dress at the very least.  The fit is not perfect on any of them, but it's close enough that all three dolls look good while wearing it.  I'm sorry to say I can't give you any information on the other dresses yet, but I've got that planned. 

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  1. Thanks for the link to Vi and Va's website. Do you know if they are fashion compatible with any of the Barbie sister?


    1. That's a good question, but unfortunately not one I can answer at the moment. I highly doubt it with the older versions of Barbie's sisters, but I'm not sure about the newer versions. If I get my hands on a modern day Skipper or Stacie I'll try it out and let you know.

  2. I still haven't seen these dolls in my stores but I'm digging the outfit.

    1. The others are cute too. If you have a Target near where you live it might be worth looking there. So far I haven't seen these dolls or accessories anywhere but Target.

  3. I might bring an outfit home at some point. I've seen a lot of this line at Target.

    1. I recommend these dresses. They're cute.