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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Vi-and-Va, fresh from Bratz Boulevard

If you follow Bratz Boulevard then you probably know this already.  If not, I'm going to do my usual duty of hearing a juicy bit of dolly gossip and passing it along.  According to BB news about 2015's Bratz is scant...but news about a new line of MGA dolls is coming through the grapevine.  Bratz Boulevard's first post introduces the new girls as Vi-and-Va dolls.  The line includes four dolls:  16-year-old Vivianna (Vi), her fifteen-year-old sister Valentina (Va), and their two cousins Roxxi and Felicia.  The line is apparently supposed to include some outfit sets and accessories, which are very cute but very un-teenager-like in style.  But then again, the dolls don't look like teenagers either; even Bratz Boulevard noticed this.  Here's a link to the first post, complete with pictures. 

The second post contains some highly interesting updates, complete with information on the four girls and their personalities.  Like the Bratz, the Moxie Girlz, and just about every other MGA line so far, each character has her own interests, her own quirks, and her own style.  Apparently these dolls will be available separately and as sets; one set will have a birthday theme and include both Vi and Va in cute dresses.  Styling heads will also be available, and frankly, I like their faces better than I like the dolls' faces...so far.  Bratz Boulevard has found pictures of prototypes, but we all know how things change from prototype to final product.  Either way, the second post can be found here.

Very interesting, for sure, but I can't help but feel troubled by this introduction of a new line.  Remember the last time the Bratz went on hiatus they were replaced by the cutesy, less-glamorous Moxie Girls.  These new Vi-and-Va dolls are very similar.  NOT the same, mind you, but they are fairly high on the cute factor and fairly low on the trendy, edgy factor, just like the Moxies.  I could be completely wrong, but given this new line plus the lack of news about the Bratz, maybe this hiatus will last longer than it was intended?  I hope not, but if so then it will be interesting to see how these dolls fare.  I personally will have to look at these dolls in person before I cast any sort of judgment.  Viewing the pictures has left me curious but I'm not yet chomping at the bit to get one of these.  Seeing them in the flesh (vinyl?  LOL) will determine whether I get one of these or not.

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  1. Interesting!

    From that image, they're a little cutesy for my tastes, but they might grow on me (the lil' Bratz did, so I can see it happening again). Thanks for sharing the news and link!

    1. You are more than welcome! I'm with you, I think these dolls are a bit cutesy just yet, but like I said above a lot can change between prototype stage and final product.

  2. I for one have fallen in LOVE with these dolls, and I am very happy there is a Hispanic doll brand out there for people to enjoy.
    Sure they are pretty basic and "cutesy", but the chubby little 6-year old girl in me is just begging Mama to buy Valentina because she looks just like her...uh, I mean ME.

    I didn't have very many dolls as a child...partly because of money and partly because I was more of a stuffed animal kid, but my favorite was always (Barbie) Teresa.
    I remember Teresa always played the part of my "Adult self" whenever I played with dolls...and yes, the other dolls were my adult friends. LOL

    I guess that just proves that representation does matter to kids, there's nothing more exciting than having a doll that looks just like you.

    1. A lot of people are excited for the same reason you are, and I don't blame any of you one bit. That's one of the positives about this line; most of the characters are of color. Heck, you could even pretend Roxxi is of color! Oh, and as an added little touch, Va will be marketed as a quinceanera doll in one set. That should be fun to see.

    2. Oh yes, and I like that it's a quienceanera/ sweet 16 set, so it appeals to everybody.

      I just assumed that Roxxi was from Spain...they seem to usually
      have fairer skin then mexicans, and I also thought Felicia was Puerto Rican because of her blond hair. Maybe that's just my hopeful thinking...?

    3. Funny that you'd say that about Felicia, because I looked at her and thought "Puerto Rico" myself!