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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

On my growing weakness for doll clothes

Thank God I don't have a credit card, for if I did I would have busted my bank account twice this week.  And guess what it all would've been on?  Right...DOLL CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!  LOL, let me just say that I'm extremely fond of both Olivia's Doll Closet (which would've been a $222 bill) and Emily Rose (that bill would've been so ridiculous that I'm not going to share the total). 

Okay, I really had no intention of buying all that stuff.  If I genuinely were buying I'd have picked out one or two favorites, one or two pairs of shoes, maybe some undies, and let that be that.  It was more of a game I was playing with myself; I wanted to see how much it would cost if I bought everything I wanted all at once.  I ended up with some insane amounts.  And this isn't particularly expensive stuff, either!  Both stores have reasonably priced items.  Needless to say this little experiment has gotten me looking forward to Christmas (LOL again).  I just wish I had some dolly friends close by so I could buy some of this awesome stuff for them.  I have a friend who I think would absolutely love this dress, for example...but she lives very, very, VERY far away.

How about y'all?  Have you ever played that game with yourself, and tallied up the overall price of a huge purchase just for the heck of it?  If so, did you have fun doing it?

And since this post is kind of bland without pictures, here are three of my girls in their Olivia dresses.  Yep, I've got some pieces from that store already, and they're great.  Thanks, Mama, for getting these for me!
 Serafina (left) and Barbara

Keep your eyes peeled for a review later this week!



  1. Thank goodness you have some restraint! It can be really hard sometimes not to just blow the bank on our dolly desires, but gotta buy things like groceries and pay the electric bill! I would just love to have an unlimited budget and get everything I wanted! May I will win the lottery someday! (One can dream, right?)

    1. LOL, one CAN dream...or maybe win gift cards!