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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve in the Moon Girl's house

I celebrated much the way did last year, with family, junk food, and the Twilight Zone marathon...and a little plum wine thrown in (yucko).  My Christmas was very un-dollified (though very nice), so today I treated two of my girls to some new outfits.
Midge (left) and Mara are wearing one of the new two-packs that Mattel has started releasing.  They're all cute, but this one was my favorite due to that puffy orange skirt.  The tops and skirts are separate pieces too, so I can mix and match if I want to.  Unfortunately, the set only came with one pair of shoes, those being the pink heels that Mara is wearing.  Why, Mattel???  WHY must you do things like that???  If it's one thing both kids and collectors are short on, it's Barbie shoes.  Let's face it, they're usually the first things to fall off and disappear, particularly when Barbie's owner is a kid.  I hope that Mattel will release some shoe packs this year; I know that they have in years past, and it would be great to see some more.  Other than that this outfit set is great.  I look forward to grabbing some of the others as well.

Happy New Year,

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