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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Another post regarding the Bratzillaz

On a couple of past posts I've noted similarities between Mattel's Monster High dolls and MGA Entertainment's Bratzillaz dolls.  Both times I've noted that one seems to be copying the other...and this latest product has me convinced that MGA is desperate for ideas.
This is Vampelina, and she's a new character that may be released with the Magic Night Out series.  I say may because I've only seen publicity pics, and no photos of actual products.  Sometimes the product gets made for publicity pics but never gets released, like B.F.C. Ink Lily.  But that's not the point.  All of the original Bratzillaz characters are witches, right?  Vampelina is quite obviously A VAMPIRE!!!  Hmmm...where have I seen a school-aged vampire before?  Who was it?  Oh yes...it was DRACULAURA!!!  I mean sure, Vampelina isn't pink like Draculaura is; in fact, the two couldn't look more different!  Vampelina's coloring is more like Abbey Bominable's than Draculaura's, and she's nowhere near as innocent looking as Draculaura.  But for heaven's sake, I thought the Bratzillaz were solely witches!  That was the one thing that I felt distinguished Monster High from Bratzillaz (to my knowledge there are no witches at Monster High).  

And if that weren't enough, check THIS out!
The picture speaks for itself here.  Fianna appears to be a mermaid or something of that sort.  That idea looks hauntingly familiar...where have I seen that before?  Oh yes, I have her in my collection right now...it's Lagoona Blue!  Like Vampelina, Fianna is not in stores yet.  According to bratzillazdolls.com, where I got this image, our fishy friend is to be in stores around Christmas.  She is part of the Midnight Beach line, which I talked about in my blog about Meygana's new clothes, so that probably means she'll glow in the dark.  Lagoona Blue definitely can't do that, but it's still a pretty close resemblance!

Please do not get me wrong, I like both Monster High and Bratzillaz.  I flat-out love them, in fact; it's nice to have an alternative to overly-pink Barbie and the Disney Princesses who live in their sparkly fairytale lands.  It's just the principle of the thing; MGA Entertainment has the Bratz and the Lalaloopsies, and both of them have made a fair amount of money for the company.  Maybe MGA is more desperate than I thought.  Maybe the discontinuation of Moxie Teenz and B.F.C. Ink was a bigger loss for them than I am aware of.  Or maybe MGA is just still mad at Mattel for that lawsuit and wants to steal their audience away!  Either way it's going to be fun to watch.  At least neither Draculaura or Vampelina sparkle like that idiot Edward Cullen.  I hate Twilight.  

I would elaborate on this further, but it's starting to thunder where I am!  My computer is not on a surge protector and I don't want it to fry, so I'm saying good night.

Happy second night of Hanukkah!


  1. I think that other companies see what is popular on the market and then mimic that product to get a piece of the popular pie. Overall, I don't mind that because it means more dolls for us - doesn't mean it's not shady though, lol.

    1. I know, right? LOL, that was regarding the more for us bit. No seriously, I don't mind all that much, it's just something interesting to chew over. At least this rivalry is encouraging both companies to keep on their toes. Instead of letting the same old ideas get stale they're constantly reworking something.

  2. Hello from Spain: I still prefer the barbies. All these new dolls as Brazilia, Monsters ... are very original but they do not represent the beauty and elegance of the Barbies. Keep in touch

    1. That's very true...the new girls are adorable and I love them, but Barbie will always have the edge in sophistication. I just wish Mattel didn't use so much pink!