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Friday, January 12, 2018

Oh crap followup

It turns out that "Oh crap..." was a good title for the last post, because that's exactly what Malden got!  Two inches of...well, crap!  It's a mixture of ice, sleet, and snow, slick enough to make driving treacherous but not slick enough to stay home from work.  We almost never got the car out of the garage, but we got the job done, Mama and I.  I wanted to try driving myself, but Mama wouldn't have it.

So here's our two inches of crap.  This is the driveway behind the library, and one of the fields...
...and this is the front walk and the front driveway.  See what a mess the driveway is?
While I was taking that last picture a large flock of geese came over very low.  They're the blurry black dots in these next two pictures.  They were all headed southwest, away from the main wildlife preserves, so God only knows where they're headed.
I wish that I were flying with them....'CAUSE YOU'RE NOT HERE!!!  LOL, when all else fails make an obscure song reference.  Anyway, the power didn't go out, didn't even flicker that I know of, so that's a mega-blessing (seriously, thank you, God).  Malden did eventually call off school, as did Campbell and Holcomb (where I used to work), and to my surprise St. Teresa closed as well.  Mama told me that Glennonville usually follows Malden and Campbell's lead, so there's that.  Four-day weekend for all of those folks!

So that's our winter storm over, and I have to say that I'm quite glad of that.  The bad news is that Lexington is supposed to get hit hard.  I hope Sister and Brother-in-Law have their supplies all stocked up!  We did right before this mess came, and as it turned out we overdid it a bit!  Better too much than not enough in a situation like this.  If anything else comes up I'll keep y'all posted; otherwise, see y'all next Thursday!



  1. Yeah they were saying that the Lexington, Ky area was supposed to get ice followed by 4-8 inches of snow. The media was making such a big deal about it and saying that it was going to hit early afternoon today. Our school district got scared and canceled school today, because they believed the forecast and thought it would be icy or snowy during dismissal and they didn’t want the buses on the road. Well, as usual the snow potential was sensationalized and overhyped. It’s 6:30 here now and all we’ve had so far is some rain. And now they are saying we might get 1-4 inches of snow overnight. We could have easily had school and I wouldn’t be surprised if we only get 1 or 2 inches of snow - if that. I wish people would stop believing the weather men. They make a big deal of every tiny potential of snow or big storms just to get ratings.

    1. Well, my brother-in-law got the day off today because of all that hype, so I guess that's some good news. We probably could've had school here in Malden today too, but after that crap refroze the buses would've had a helluva time getting home. You are right though; I've seen the local weather folks hype up an oncoming front, scaring the bejesus out of the rest of us with word about tornadoes or hail or half a foot of snow, and then it would peter out. I'm thankful for the weather warnings we get nowadays, but the hype does get ridiculous at times.