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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Third blind bag post

This should be my final blind bag posts for awhile, for reasons that I'll soon make clear.  Today was another rough day; after a lot of bullying Second Uncle and I finally convinced Grandma to go to "that damn hospital," as she put it.  She's stable now, but she's in bad enough shape that the hospital admitted her as a patient.  I had hoped that Grandma wouldn't go the way Grandpa did (he slowly withered away and worried us half to death), but unfortunately that appears to be the case.  So I bought more blind bags.
I got another box of My Mini MixieQ's, a new box from the Animal Jam line, and three Monster High Minis.  I'm still hoping to get a chalkboard Mini, thus why I got three.  In an unusual twist, I'm going to go from right to left and start with the MixieQ's.  I'm also not going to bother showing the box, as y'all have seen that already.  Here are my two new MixieQ's.
This time my MixieQ's look enough alike that they could be siblings.  The one on the left is Surf's Up, an everyday figure from the Adventurous category, and the one on the right is Purple Stars 2, a special figure from the Wild category.  I love Purple's exuberant smile, by the way.  Like Golden Girl and Strawberry, these two can swap clothes and wigs with the greatest of ease.  Once again, the paint job is spot on.  Perhaps I'm a bit biased, but I think Mattel may have a real hit with these goofy little figurines, because as tiny as they are they can still be played with.  I definitely will be getting more of these in the future, at least enough to fill the smallest display case.  There's a case that comes with one figure and holds eight more, so that may be the direction that I go in with these MixieQ's. 

The next blind bag (box?) is a new one, one called Animal Jam.  To give y'all an idea of how little attention I pay to some things, I had no idea that these toys were tied into an online gaming site.  Animal Jam has apparently been around since 2010 and is in close affiliation with National Geographic, but that's all I know.  My box is from Series 2...
...and the box is shaped like an igloo, per the label's description.
Somehow I have a sneaking suspicion that the critter inside is not going to be an Arctic dweller.  And...
...yikes, it's a spider!  I've never been a huge spider fan to begin with, and having found another brown recluse in my bathtub (the third in a month), my patience with spiders is currently at an all-time low.  This little guy is cute, though; he's blue and lavender with big black eyes, and he looks a lot like a jumping spider, a kind of spider that I do like.  Scientists think that jumping spiders possess something that not many creatures that size do:  a rudimentary ability to reason.  But I digress.  According to the checklist my spider's name is Pointyfrost 2-30, and he's a common figure.  That strange name makes me wonder if this little guy is based on a real player's avatar!  How cool would that be?

As promised, Pointyfrost came with two small accessories.  He came with this teensy pink rocket that fits into a hole on his back...
...and...I originally thought this was a water dish, but now I'm wondering if it's not a reference to in-game currency.  It's hollow like a water dish, so that's what I'm going with for now.
There's also a little code that can be used online, which I assume would mean that it's for the game.  I haven't tried that yet, but I may pretty soon.  I'm way beyond the target age for the game, but Pointyfrost's simple design and quirky accessories have certainly piqued my curiosity.  Pointyfrost himself is nothing special, but he'd be a good little trinket for a young fan of the game.

Now for the Monster High Minis.  As I said above, I got three this time.  The odds are increasing that I'll end up with a duplicate figure, but these are pretty cute so I can't say that I'll cry too much over duplicate figures.  I do hope that one of these three is a chalkboard figure.  And...
SHA-ZOWIE!!!  I got one!  I didn't get any duplicates either so that's two good things.  The first little figure, the one on the right, is Catrine de Mew, a "Fangtastic Find" from the Sporty Monsters set.  In the center is Catty Noir, a "Frightfully Uncommon" Teddy Bear Ghoul.  And lastly, my much-desired Chalkboard Ghoul.  She's Clawdeen Wolf again, and she's common.  I absolutely love these; they're just so original, just like the dolls themselves used to be!  I'm not sure if I want to get any more of these, though; I could try for a Skelita Calaveras figure, but finding her may be tricky given the fact that there's only one Skelita figure and she's not a common one.  So I may just call it quits with these Monster High Minis for now and wait for Series Three to come out.

Of the blind bags that I've ripped open over the past week, Monster High Minis and My Mini MixieQ's tie for my favorite, with Kitty in My Pocket getting honorable mention because...well, because CATS, that's why!  Monster High Minis are original and creative, while MixieQ's are both collectible and play-able.  The Hatchimal is the loser of the bunch; my little squirrel is cute, but he's not very original.  Most of the fun with those comes from hatching the egg that the figure comes in.  I'd stay away from those unless you or someone you know is a die-hard fan of the larger Hatchimals.  I'd only recommend Animal Jam figures to those who actually play the game...and given the popularity of the game, that would apply to a lot of kids out there!

I'll keep y'all posted on anything that may go down with Grandma.  Please pray, light candles, send good vibes, whatever you do when someone needs a little luck.

Always yours,


  1. Sorry to hear about your grandmother, I will pray for her! She sounds very much like my grandmother who was blacking out last summer and keeping that to herself until I found out and dragged her to the hospital where they discovered she has heart failure. A year later, one surgery, and a handful of medications, and she is still stubborn as ever! Hopefully they can find what's wrong with your grandmother and provide the necessary treatment.

    1. Gee whiz, what is up with our elders??? They always want US to see the doctor when something's wrong, but they won't go themselves! Thank you for your prayers; I don't know anything new yet.

  2. Best wishes for your grandma! Wow, a rocket-powered spider? What will they think of next?

    1. LOL, I know, right? That does add a little bit of character to the little guy!