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Sunday, June 25, 2017

More blind bags

The experience with my last blind bag haul was a relatively positive one, so I picked up another passel when I went to Wal-Mart today.  Despite my fondness for My Mini MixieQ's, I didn't get any of those.  Instead I picked up a Hatchimals blind bag and a Kitty in My Pocket set, plus two more Monster High Minis and a Gift Em's from Series 1.
I thought that Ela was from Series 2, but my memory proved to be flawed.  So the new girl will be from the same series, but there is one difference:  the new one's outer box is pink.
This time I got Kami Kong, from Hong Kong.  She belongs to the Swim category, and she's labeled "rare."
Kami comes apart in three places like Ela does, and her bathing suit is painted on.
I like Kami better than Ela.  Sorry, Ela.  The two make a cute pair, though.  They remind me of a story that I read long ago in Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, a story called "I Don't Talk to My Best Friend," or something like that.  It's a story about a girl from Honduras and a girl from Norway who became close friends at an international youth camp, despite being unable to communicate verbally, and how their friendship was still rock solid years after their stay at the camp.  It was a cute story, one that's good for all ages.  Anywho, Kami and Ela make me think of that story, with them being so different and yet so alike.
The back of Kami's hovel is unsurprisingly different from Ela's.
I know no more about Hong Kong than I did Warsaw, so let's begin.  The center one is easy, being simply a tiny map of Hong Kong itself.  The leftmost picture is obviously a dragon, but when I did a bit more research I realized that it's also the bow of a dragon boat.  Dragon Boat festivals are apparently held all over China around the time of the Summer Solstice, and they have been around for over 2,000 years.  So this picture applies more to China in general than Hong Kong specifically.  The picture on the right looks like a shrine or a temple of some sort, or possibly the gate to somewhere, but four hours of research failed to help me identify that building so I'm giving that one up for now.

We're also familiar with the Monster High Minis, so I'm going to open those without much fanfare too.  For a refresher, here's my last figure.
I hope most fervently that I get a chalkboard figure this time.  And...
...bummer, I didn't.  Look how cute these are, though!  Both are Cleo de Nile; the one on the left is from the Power Ghouls category and is "frightfully uncommon," while the one on the right is a Teddy Bear Ghoul and is common.  So I've got two commons now and a rare.  That increases my chances of finding a duplicate when I try this again, but no biggie.  Duplicates are common when one collects blind bags.  These lockers hook together loosely, by the way.
Now we're treading into uncertain waters.  I've been tempted more than once to buy a Hatchimal since they look cute and have a surprise element to them.  These toys are by the one and only Spin Masters, makers of the LIV and La Dee Da dolls, and from what I understand they're quite popular.  However, I've seen and heard about folks who either couldn't get their Hatchimal to hatch or had a lot of trouble doing so, and that's made me a bit nervous about giving one of my own a whirl.  Plus, I hear the things are interactive like Furby is, and the few Furbys I've known were OBNOXIOUS!!!  So I chose a blind bag instead. 
If I recall correctly there's an egg in this bag.  And...
...sure as shootin', there is one.  Okay, I do know a bit about these; I think Miss Emily tried her hand at one...no, it was Monkfish!  Monkfish opened some in this post.  I don't remember how to open the thing though.  Luckily there appears to be some instructions.  <pauses to read the instructions>

According to the instructions I have to warm this thing until the heart turns pink, then press near the heart to break the shell.  The bottom part of the shell is supposed to serve as a nest and indeed, I can see a perforation near the base of this egg.
The speckles on the egg are green, and that apparently says something about what family this egg is from.  That means nothing to me at the moment because I don't see anything that identifies families.  So let's do this.  Warm it until the heart turns pink.
Then press or squeeze the top of the egg to fracture it and peel the top away.
I peeped inside while opening it an saw a bushy tail, so I think this varmit is a squirrel.
It is indeed a squirrel, with silver angel wings in its back.
Go figure on those wings; they're cute though.  These are cute little figures, though mine has a slightly off-kilter paint job.  And true to the instructions' word, the remaining shell makes a good nest, though squirrels are more likely to steal eggs from nests rather than live in them.
The critter fits in well with my Littlest Pet Shop blind bags.
Lastly I have a Kitty in My Pocket set.  These were made by Just Play, a name that sounds familiar. 
These were available when I was a child, and I used to have a ton of them.  They were a bit larger back then, and all vinyl.  The modern figures have flocking, as this single Puppy in My Pocket will attest.
The puppy is also a blind bag figure, one that I got last year.  His series came one to a bag, while the kittens come two to a "bag" like My Mini MixieQ's and Shopkins do.  Notice that the "bag" is actually shaped like a pet carrier.  Clever.
Time to tear that baggie open!  I wonder if any of these kittens will be tortoiseshell cats?  I love tortoiseshells, but as with other blind bags I'll take what I get.  And...
...there IS a calico cat available (a boy calico, no less), but I didn't get him.  I got Mimi the exotic shorthair and Fluffy the Persian instead.  Not a bad combination actually, considering that exotic shorthairs are the short-haired equivalent of a Persian.  Fluffy looks blue, but she's really a pale bluish gray (there IS such a thing as a blue Persian, but they're dark gray).  I love their little expressions, by the way; Mimi has a mischivious smile on her face, while Fluffy appears to be in awe of something that she sees.

Here's what these kittens look like from the back.  
Mimi is sitting in her food dish, something that kittens do sometimes do, especially when they're babies.  Fluffy is wearing a pink bow, as longhaired cats sometimes do (I've never dared do it with my cats).  These cats clearly have different molds, and said molds do a good job of showing the difference in fur length. 

Puppy and Kitty in My Pocket figures are the same size.
Oh sure, they may LOOK cute, but I wouldn't trust those three alone for two seconds if they were real little animals.  Mimi and that puppy look like they could be a real pair of mischief-makers.  I can't identify the dog, by the way.  For now I'll just call him "Wuppy," after one of my dad's childhood dogs.

So again, I did pretty well.  I still don't have any Monster High Minis from the chalkboard category, but I'm bound to find one eventually, right?  My opinions on the Monster High Minis and the Gift Em's are about the same as last time and I don't have any new My Mini MixieQ's to show, but the Hatchimals and the Kitty in My Pocket figures are new so let's sum those up.

*The Hatchimals Minis are nothing super-special.  Most of the fun comes from warming the egg up and cracking it open.  The figure inside is cute, but there's not much to do once you've busted him out of there.  I don't recommend these unless your a fan of the larger Hatchimals, and if you're a kid I encourage you to ask for an adult's help in popping that egg open...preferably an adult with a bit of hand strength.  Here I am at 29 and a half, and I still struggled to pop that egg open.

*Puppy and Kitty in My Pocket figures offer more play value.  The package I picked up today had two critters inside, and they're soft, cute, robust little figures.  Granted, there isn't a lot you can actually do with the figures, but I still like them.  They make fantastic little props for dolls Barbie's size and on up.  

I'll probably be doing more of these blind bag posts in the future due to my fondness for My Mini MixieQ's and Monster High Minis, and my determination to get chalkboard figure from the latter group.  I've also got some posts about Bratz dolls waiting in the wings and possibly a few more Dolly Dress Discussions, so stay tuned.  June still has a week to go!

Love and kisses,

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