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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Jeepers creepers...

...where'd you get those peepers!  LOL, this blog has been pretty quiet lately, so here's a random picture of Ju-hwang with new eyes.
These are arguably the cheapest doll eyes I've ever purchased...and the catch is that they're not even doll eyes!  These are dragon eyes from Hobby Lobby, and they're supposed to be jewelry fixings.  Since I occasionally make jewelry anyway I bought these, reasoning that if they do not make good doll eyes I can still make some epic earrings.  As it turned out, the largest pairs are eighteen millimeters, the smallest size Ju-hwang can wear.  The others are twelve and fourteen millimeter eyes have been put aside for anyone that I might get in the future.

In BJD-related news, I'm learning the hard way just how difficult it is to wait for one's order to be completed.  Today makes seven weeks and one day since I ordered Johnny, and the website still says "processing."  I understand that it takes a long time to cobble together a nice ball-jointed doll, and I also understand that the holidays slowed things down a bit (Alice's Collections took a week for the Chinese New Year).  The anticipation makes being patient very difficult, but that'll just make owning Johnny that much more rewarding...and it'll also buy me some time to find a restringing tool.  Crochet hooks do work, as I learned from Ju-hwang, but my hooks are all aluminum and they're bad to slip out of my hands when I pull on the elastic.  So I'm looking for a clamp or a hook with a better grip or SOMETHING that will do the trick.

As always, when something comes up I'll give y'all a holler.  Talolili and I are both working hard at our respective jobs (my hours at the library got extended, in fact), so posts may get a little more sporadic as time passes.  But if something earth-shattering comes up, I WILL give y'all a heads up.

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  1. Oh wow, those are really interesting looking eyes - great find!

    1. Thank you! Everybody either loves 'em or hates 'em; they're certainly no gray area.

  2. Oh boy are they cool or what!!! I would love them for my Singe, pity we don't have Hobby Lobby in Oz.

    1. These can be found online if Singe really wants a pair. They're flat on the back, but that shouldn't be too terrible a problem.