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Friday, March 11, 2016

How the big girls compare

RagingMoon1987 here, and this is a spur-of-the-moment post, inspired by a brief chat I had on the My Twinn group I belong to on Facebook.  We had a brief discussion about Ideal Kissy, and that led me to wonder how my mother's old Kissy would compare to my Rael.  As you can probably guess, that led to a photo op.  Hey, when's the last time I passed on a photo op?
I threw in Saucy Walker (right) for good measure.  As you can see, the three dolls are of similar height.  Rael is allegedly an inch taller than Kissy and Saucy, but it's next to impossible to tell.   Unfortunately, these three do not look like they can share clothes.  Kissy is too chunky to wear the clothes I have for Rael.  Saucy might be able to wear some of Rael's things, according to a Facebook friend.

After I put the dolls away I remembered that Kissy and Saucy are both Ideal dolls.  The two deserve a comparison of their own, so different are they.  But that's for another time.

In marginally related news, my Johnny finally shipped.  He was already at Cincinnati when I learned he was coming, so that was either some uber-fast shipping or some sloppy communication on the part of Alice's Collections.  My vote is for the former.  Anywho, last time I checked the tracking his package departed Hazelwood, Missouri and was on its way south.  I figure I'll get it tomorrow or Monday.  This afternoon is a long shot, but it's very slightly possible he could get here today too.  We'll all just have to see.

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