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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Playing Dolly Doctor: Belle, Yasmin, and Barbie

Round three.  This group involves Disney Princess Belle, Bratz Kidz Yasmin, and what I think is a member of the Barbie Look gang.
It surprises me that my friend's daughter has a Bratz Kidz doll, since she was a very small child when they were available.  Oh well, her loss is my gain.  As with Merida and Yasmina, I've always wanted a Bratz Kidz doll.  I passed them up during my late teens because I was losing interest in the dolls I had by that time and I figured "Why bother?"  That's what I get for attempting to think (LOL).  Seeing the Barbie Look doll in the hands of a child chagrins me somewhat, as these dolls are meant to be for older kids and adult collectors.  On the other hand, those stiff limbs are made of some tough plastic so I guess no harm done.  I'm just glad the child didn't try to use this doll as a club!  As for Belle, well, there isn't much I can say about her.  I kept her because I liked her face, and because I like Disney Princesses.

Into THE PLASTIC BAG OF DOOM the trio went, and they spent a night in there.  Here's how they look now.
I want to try and replicate Yasmin's old hairstyle, because the original doll looked like this:
Or maybe she's this one!  Both dolls have frosted lips like my doll, so it's hard to tell.

Regardless of which doll my Yasmin is, I'm thrilled to have her.  The Bratz Kidz were adorable.  I think that modern-day parents take things too seriously, but I love how MGA Entertainment listened to their complaints and tried to make a creation that was less racy but still appealing.  The Kidz look the way I'd want my little girls to look, if I had little girls.

Digression over, cleaning these three up was relatively uneventful.  I've got two more dolls and a couple of heads to do (that's right, heads!), but since I've started a new job that may take awhile.  Just keep your eyes peeled.

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  1. I also really like Bratz Kidz, they are so sweet! Congrats!

  2. it's the snap on wave 1 yasmin. I have all three yasmins in the photos

  3. shes the snap on wave 1 yasmin. I have all three yasmins on this page.