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Friday, February 14, 2014

How a single dolly lover celebrates Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has never been a big affair for me.  I've always been single, so I'd usually spend the day in a mildly bitter mood, admiring Mama's flowers (from Daddy) and wondering why the popular kids at school bothered to send gifts to the high school for their sweethearts to flaunt.  If Cupid was lurking about, she certainly missed her shot with me.
Oh wait, Cupid doesn't work on normies anyway!  LOL, Monster High joke!  No hard feelings, though; I've matured since the dark days that were my adolescence.  Now instead of moping I try to think up something to keep myself occupied, and this year I decided to make a post about my dollies in their Valentine's Day finery.  Warning, though:  most of the clothes will simply be red.  I don't have a lot of dolly clothing with hearts printed on it.  That being said, this is All-Star Cami Basic, or simply "Cami," as I call her.  She's all bundled up and taking in the scenery.
Cami came from New York, so cold weather doesn't bother her much.  She looks like she likes her surroundings, in fact.  Her fuchsia coat pops against the snowy background, and it's the perfect color for Valentine's Day, an effect that I love.

Then there's my less-glamorous but equally loved baby dolls, Tommy and Sally.  One of my Facebook friends has a pair of dolls that she dresses to match the changing holidays, and I tend to do the same with these two.
This pic is more of a "just for the heck of it because they're so cute in their snowsuits" moment than a Valentine's Day moment.  Sally's suit has hearts on it so I guess it counts.  I dressed them in these snowsuits back around New Year's Day.  It was cold then, and it's been nothing but one long stretch of cold, snowy weather since then, so I just left the snowsuits on.  I've never been a huge advocate of winter, LOL.  Now for the Valentine's Day outfits!
Much better, Tommy.  LOL, I love Valentine's Day-themed clothing for babies.  Finding an appropriate outfit for Tommy was easy, believe it or not.  Normally it's hard to find cute, affordable clothes for baby boys, but this time it was easy!  Sally's outfit was the hard one; it's a Dollar Store special, but it works out fine.

From mildly-creepy, old-fashioned sweetness to modern snarkiness, here's Raquelle from the Life in the Dreamhouse line.
You may or may not remember from my Midge review that these first-wave LitD dolls come with two outfits.  Raquelle's just happens to be red.  Again, just a coincidence, but a fortuitous one.  Plus, Raquelle's dress has something that none of the other dolls' outfits does:  SPARKLES!!!
Yeah, yeah, I know that glitter is the herpes of the art world, but it's still fun in moderation.  Besides, in this case I think it fits Raquelle's personality!
Oh, you're a sly one, you are!

Also in the saucy raven-haired female department, there's Maci from the Bratz Style It! line.
Maci is wearing my failed attempt at a Barbie dress.  As you can see, it came out WAY too small for even the skinniest Barbie doll, but with some adjustments Maci can wear it quite well.  It's just a teensy bit big for her, but you'd never be able to tell it unless I told you!  LOL

Back on the lighter side, here's Ariel, one of the dolls that my friend Elizabeth sent me last October.  I remembered that one of the outfits she gave me hadn't been worn yet, which is a sin and a shame.  Since this dress DOES have hearts on it, today's the perfect day for a debut!
Yeah, yeah, I've heard folks say that redheads should never wear pink, but I think Ariel looks really cute in this.  It looks just like something a girl Ariel's age would wear.  And she looks cozy too, with those long socks!
Nice and toasty for this time of year!  Oh, as a little side note, Raquelle and Ariel have made fast friends due to their brassy personalities.
Singles party, anyone?

As a last little touch, I think it would be fitting to show you a pair of dolls that are romantically involved.  Or rather, THIS particular pair is.
These two lovebirds are Masaharu and Akiko, better known as the Japanese DOTW Barbie and Ken.  They married last April after a long courtship, and life's been rosy ever since.  Literally.
As a side note, check out Masaharu's face!  He's definitely NOT your run-of-the-mill Ken doll.
Okay, so photos can't do him justice.  You'd have to see this doll in person to catch all the little details that his sculpt has.

And that, ladies and germs, is how I spent this year's Valentine's Day.  Cheap, simple, fun, and colorful!  Now to dig out all my green outfits for St. Pat's!  Oh, and just a little warning:  the first one to pinch me for not wearing green gets their teeth knocked out.

Happy Valentine's Day,


  1. Sounds and looks like you had a fun Valentine's Day anyway! You did it "your way," ;-)

    Of the dolls shown today, I like the wry-faced Raquelle and your handsome Masaharu.

    1. You're awesome, thanks for reposting this! I did have a good one; a smidge hectic with all the photographs, but fun, nonetheless. Raquelle is still in stores if you want to get her, but I think you'll have to go on eBay if you want to find a Japanese Ken (it's been awhile since those were released). Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog!

  2. You're welcome, RM1987! I could not recall the exact words, but that was the gist ;-)

    I see Raquelle in stores: it's a matter of biting the bullet and getting her. I have Japanese Ken - yay, yay.

    You are welcome. I enjoy visiting your blog, and I am glad that you enjoy mine, too ;-)

    1. LOL, the gist of it is the important stuff anyway. Listen, you probably know this, but there's a new line of Dreamhouse dolls coming out...well, they're coming out soon if they're not in stores already. The new Raquelle doesn't have the same face that my doll has, but she's still cute. Might be worth looking into.