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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A very dolly birthday

At the end of my last post I informed you, my dear readers, that my birthday was in two weeks and a day's time.  Well, the fortnight and day have passed, and I had a very happy twenty-fifth birthday.  It will be difficult to top next year, but that's a year away and I'm very happy to let that year drag by.  With regards to presents it was a very dolly birthday; I received four.  I'll introduce you to all of them, but two in particular are getting a review; that will be the subject of my next blog.

Firstly, let me introduce the two girls that AREN'T getting extensive reviews, but whose presence in my life makes me very happy nonetheless.  This is Oksana:
She is your typical porcelain doll with bisque head, hands, and feet.  Her eyes are a lovely shade of blue, and her lip paint is a glossy red:
Her hair is blonde and done up in cute braids:
Oksana is dressed in winter attire; her box was rendered in green and red, leading me to think that she was intended as a Christmas/holiday doll...but instead of the usual Christmas colors, her dress is a dark NAVY BLUE!
It has white faux-fur trim on it.  The white parts have gold beads, ribbons, and rosettes sewn on.
She has a hat that matches her dress:
White lace-up boots:
And a fur muff to complete the look.
My mother (who also had a birthday today, by the way) has made her fondness for Oksana known, so this may be a doll that DOESN'T go with me when I finally move out.  My mother is not a huge doll person, but she is surrounded by all of mine so she's managed to pick out some favorites!

Okay, next doll.  This little sprite is Lorena:
Lorena has a vinyl head, arms, and legs, and a stuffed cloth body.  She is quite obviously a toy, and there isn't much special about her...yet.  She has no hair, just some molded grooves that are supposed to represent hair.
She has lovely blue eyes though, and a sweet little smile.  I believe that mouth may have once been intended to take a bottle, but who knows for sure?
Her hands and feet have a lot of character.  They have little dimples and creases on the knuckles. 
I thought that perhaps she could suck her thumb with this hand, but she can't unless I hold her arm that way.

Her outfit is very simple; a soft fleece onesie with white sleeves.  It has a cute puppy on the front of it.
In spite of her simplicity, Lorena presents one of my favorite situations in the dolly world.  Her simple attire makes me itch to buy some cloth, fire up that awesome sewing machine that I've never used (shame on me), and whip up some flowery new clothes.  Or I could dig out my crochet hook and knitting needles and find some extra small baby patterns.  Either way will be a lot of fun.  Yes, I can have some good times with my little blank slate of a doll.

Now, let me present to you the dolls that I will be contributing for my NEXT blog:
A Cutie Pops doll and a Bratzillaz doll!

Miss Emily at The Toy Box Philosopher has already reviewed examples of both these dolls (she has reviewed Bratzillaz Meygana and Yasmina, and Cutie Pops Cookie in excellent detail) but I'm going to review my two anyway to give you a bit of a comparison.  I'll explain why in that blog.  As a bit of a spoiler, let me say that now that I can now tell you that Miss Emily's reviews are SPOT ON...both about good things and bad things.

I don't know when I'll get around to that next blog, but until then, enjoy your fall!  Some of y'all are even enjoying an early taste of WINTER!!!  Hmmm...perhaps I shouldn't get too excited about that.  Winter and I are not the best of friends.  But for those of you getting that early dose of winter, enjoy that snow.

Yours truly,

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