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Friday, September 21, 2012

Mystixx Vampires...what a scoop!

Well, it's a scoop for me, anyway!  When it comes to dolls, I enjoy the obscure and the unusual, and I also enjoy rip-offs, believe it or not.  It's fun to compare the rip-off doll to the original product; most of the time the quality is the same or worse, but sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised to find a knockoff doll that's better than the product it's supposed to imitate.

What I've got for you today is a set of dolls called Mystixx Vampires.  I wasn't even aware of the existence of these dolls until I saw a picture on Facebook, and then I saw a blog entry by D7ana that discusses these (her blog and the entry regarding these dolls can be found here).  The blog entry was about two weeks ago, and there is a Flickr group devoted to these dolls, so this probably is old news.  But I'm touching on it anyway.  I can't give you a proper review since I have yet to see these unusual creatures in stores, but I can still share pics and the basic concept behind them.

Based on what I've read, there are to be at least four Mystixx Vampires, though only two are in stores right now.  This one is Kalani.  Her vinyl is a very light green:
And this one is Azra.  Her vinyl is gray:
The two other characters are named Talin and Siva.  Apparently they are not in production yet.

Obviously these dolls are meant to be a knockoff of the Monster High dolls, and one could say that they are influenced by the LIV dolls as well, since they are wigged.  They are enough alike the Monster High dolls that the Monster High dolls can wear the Mystixx clothes.  However, the Mystixx dolls are taller and chunkier than Monster High dolls, so I doubt that Mystixx can wear MH clothes.  Mystixx arms and legs are not jointed either.

In spite of the differences, these dolls are enough like Monster High dolls that Mattel may cry foul and send out a lawsuit; they have a bad habit of doing so.  But the box art of these dolls reveals an attribute that Mystixx Vampires have over Monster High dolls:
In case it's hard to tell from that box art, these dolls are two-faced.  One face is supposed to represent the vampire side of the doll's personality, and the other is supposed to represent the human side.  Each doll has two wigs and two outfits to coordinate with each personality; the human outfit resembles a school uniform, while the vampire outfit has more of a gothic flavor to it.  An image of Azra's two alter-egos can be seen here.

These dolls are original enough that I wouldn't mind finding one or two; they're enough like the Monster High dolls that they would fit into a group of them, but different enough that they'd stand out.  And as usual, I'm curious to see how these dolls will do in this increasingly competitive dolly world.  This should be interesting to watch.

In other news, my twenty-fifth birthday is in two weeks and one day.  Knowing my grandmother, she will probably have found another doll of some sort as a present.  Unless I have some sort of earth-shattering news to relate, you probably won't be hearing from me until then.  Have a good one.


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