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Saturday, November 12, 2016


A few months back I had a brief obsession with Cabbage Patch Kids, which of course prompted a post here.  My obsession has cooled quite a bit, but I'll never, repeat, NEVER forget the Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kids and the hoopla they created with their biting jaws and inability to stop chewing.  I also reviewed another unrelated doll, Lalaloopsy Diaper Surprise Blossom Flowerpot, who could "poop charms."  Both Diaper Surprise and Snacktime Kids fall under a bizarre category of dolls and toys that would make people shake their heads and think "How did that one make it out of the design department???"  Well okay, the Snacktime Kids weren't that bad, except that they didn't have an off switch and their heads were made of hard vinyl that enabled their chewing mechanism to pinch small fingers.

To my complete surprise and disbelief, Hasbro is trying the chewing doll idea again.  Her name is Baby Alive Snackin' Sara, and her jaws move.  This doll is wrong on so many levels.  For one, she's a little on the creepy side.  None of the Baby Alive dolls will win beauty contests, but when she's not being played with Sara apparently just sits there with a slack-jawed expression on her face.  I mean it!
With her huge eyes and languid mouth she could almost pass for a fish...or that girl on ANTM who had to pose like a fish.

Now granted, this doll does open her mouth to talk and eat, so maybe my judgement on her appearance is a little harsh.  However, I shudder to think about what her head is made out of.  If it's made out of soft vinyl, fine.  No biggie.  But if it's made out of HARD vinyl and some little kid pokes their finger too far into the doll's craw, someone's going to get hurt!  The concept is very similar to that of the Snacktime Kids.  Sara's speech is activated by squeezing her wrist, but I don't know how her chewing mech works.  Once again, if it's activated simply by poking something into the doll's mouth this could get bad.

Oh, but we're not through yet!  Oh no, if you saw the commercial then you know we're far from done.  This doll takes a page from the Diaper Surprise dolls in that she can drop a load in her pants.  Furthermore, this doll genuinely does fill her pants!  Whatever she eats will drop through her insides and come out in her diaper.  Now, this shouldn't get me hot and bothered because
A:  drink and wet dolls are nothing new,
B:  this doll is crapping out pieces of Play-Doh, not actual macerated food, and
C:  plenty of other baby dolls fill their pants nowadays.  

I guess my problem with the last part is that they show the seemingly unchewed "food" just laying there in the diaper.  The way the kid in the commercial molded the Play-Doh made it look like small, multicolored turdlets.  So I'll admit that this last part is just me being oversensitive...or is it?  I mean, I've seen baby dolls that loaded their pants in addition to just peeing, but they were those uber-realistic dolls that Zapf Creations made and apparently still makes.  I don't have an issue with dolls like Baby Born soiling their diapers because they're very lifelike.  Call me weird, but the less realistic a doll looks, the more of an issue I have with them performing tasks like filling their pants.  Snackin' Sara is definitely not a realistic doll.  She's clearly a toy, and so her diaper habits make me cringe a little.  

I know the old line, one that I've said myself:  if you don't like a doll, don't buy it.  Don't worry, I won't.  And frankly, if I had a little girl I'd be leery about getting this for her.  I can overlook the doll's fish face and her ability to crap out Play-Doh apple slices, but that chewing mech is concerning.  If this doll's head isn't made of soft vinyl or some sort of plastic, then Hasbro may have a recall in the making.  But then again, sometimes kids need to learn the hard way not to poke their fingers where they don't belong.  I certainly had to learn the hard way.  Take it from me:  never stick your fingers in places they don't belong, particularly if that place is the open mouth of your smart-aleck toddler sibling!

As a last little bit, MGA Entertainment apparently kicked their Lalaloopsy potty humor up a notch.  In addition to the Diaper Surprise dolls, they apparently also had THESE available!!!  Lord have mercy and LOL.

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  1. I've got to give it to those kids in the Potty Surprise commercial. I don't think I've ever seen anyone more enthusiastic about discovering something in a toilet.

    1. LOL, that's true! That's one thing I love about those Lalaloopsy commercials; the kids always act like they're having fun. Even if they're not, they put on a good act.

  2. Aaaiieeeeee!

    I've never understood how some kids like pooping dolls. Gross.

    1. LOL, me neither! Wetting dolls, yes. Pooping dolls...not so much.

    2. LOl ... "wetting dolls, yes."