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Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day at Grandma's

It's Christmas Day, always a big affair in the Moon House.  Or it usually is.  My sister and brother-in-law aren't home yet, so we're pushing back gift opening until tomorrow.  That hasn't stopped certain little snoops from getting into the packages, though.  Denise is Jewish, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying watching the rest of us open our presents.  When I told her and Xenia that a Shirley Temple doll was in one of the boxes, they started digging.  (Denise's dialogue is red, Xenia's is blue, and mine is purple.)

"Are you in there?"
No, Xenia.  That's my sister's stuff.  Shirley is in Grandma's pile.

"Which pile is hers, then?"
"Wait a minute, I hear something in that box."
"Which one?  The big striped one?
"Yeah, that's the one"
That's my pile, Xenia.  Shirley isn't there.

"Well something is in here.  I can hear it."
"Hello?  Who's in there?"


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