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Monday, November 16, 2015

On the 2016 Girl of the Year

I'm going to strip off my griping mood and share something with y'all that I am VERY excited about.  The new girl has tentatively been named Lea Clark, and she has the most adorable wardrobe!  The clothes are full of bright, splashy colors and patterns that I haven't seen since Jess McConnell was the Girl of the Year.  Lissie & Lilly have been releasing steady posts about these clothes, so if you want to take a gander, the link is here.  They also have a post about the mini doll, and that's here.

In this post I worried about the possibility that Lea might be blonde or look too much like Kanani Akina.  Don't get me wrong, I adore Kanani, and I like the idea of a Kanani-lookalike more than I like the idea of another blonde.  We had a blonde doll LAST year, for crying out loud!  It does concern me a little though, that these dolls are getting to look more like older counterparts.  Grace looks like Chrissa, as I've mentioned before, and too many lookalikes suggests a lack of ideas for Girls of the Year.  Kind of sad too, since there are so many ideas that haven't yet been explored.  I'm still hoping to see a little Inuit girl from Alaska, since Alaska has not been represented by an American Girl yet.  Yeah, I know that the Maplelea Girls have an Inuit doll, but it would still be cool to see how American Girl would make an Inuit girl look; what she would wear, what she'd do for fun, how she'd get to school when the weather was extra bad, stuff like that.

As a final little tidbit, Lissie & Lilly's photographs are obtained from eBay sellers and fellow bloggers, and they are used WITH PERMISSION!!!  If you want to use L&L's photographs, be sure to ask permission from them first.  I in turn would like to thank Lissie & Lilly for allowing me to provide links to their posts.  Y'all run a great blog!

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  1. I've never seen anyone get snippy about a link back to their blog, if it's a positive mention! That's free advertising and hits. I'm glad I don't visit these blogs that are griping, I guess.

    1. Lissie and Lilly recently had some trouble with another blog stealing their material. I follow and like both blogs involved, and it was painful to watch the two have a falling out. I doubt L&L would've minded me linking to their posts, but I wanted to ask just in case.