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Saturday, September 12, 2015

A brief chat about My Twinn

I'm not sure how American Girl found out that our household had children, but when I was about nine the first catalog came to our household.  Not long after that came catalogs from a pair of companies that we weren't as familiar with.  One was from Stardust Classics, which is no longer in existence, and the other was from My Twinn.  My Twinn, as the name suggests, had the ability to customize a doll to look like its child owner.  I remember being enthralled with the My Twinn dolls; having a doll that looked like me was certainly an enticing prospect.  However, the customization process was complex and the dolls were pricey, so I just leafed through the catalog, said "Those are cute," and went on with my life.

Fast forward to 2015.  My Twinn had gone under at least once, and possibly more than just once (I forget), so imagine my surprise when I learned that the company was still alive and kicking!  Sometime during all this turmoil My Twinn decided to phase out their original dolls (23 inches with internal armature) and start releasing 18-inch dolls instead.  Miss Emily shared her experiences with the current company (the first of her My Twinn-related posts is here), and through her I learned that it's possible to obtain a My Twinn doll without going through the customization process, or wading through price-gougers on eBay.  Enter the Adopt A Friend option...and the rows of little dolly faces begging "Take me home!"
Basically these dolls are like high-end Cabbage Patch Kids.  They're one of a kind and were assembled from parts that were judged slightly defective.  Usually they're worth about ninety bucks, but every now and then they go on sale.  Miss Emily got her first doll during one of these sales (a 23-inch doll that she named Kalliope), and mine will be another one of these sale dolls.  This is her.
Those eyebrows certainly look interesting; I've noticed in pictures that these dolls' eyebrows can be very hit-and-miss, so it'll be fun to see what these are like.  I have no idea when she'll get here, but when she does...well, y'all know what I plan on doing.

Happy Saturday,


  1. Hi RagingMoon1987 and Talolili!

    RagingMoon1987, congratulations on your new doll to come

    Bam! I've tagged your blog for the Liebster Blog Award. I 'd enjoy miss reading both of your answers if either of you get a chance ;-)

    1. LOL, thanks! I thought she'd been delivered just now, but it was...well, the door rattled, so I suspect it might have been a slight earth tremor. Either way it was enough to make the dogs go nuts and I thought someone came to the door. But no. My little dolly is still on her way.

      I've got a Liebster post in the works; I've just got to come up with eleven people to tag!