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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dolly Dress Discussion: Our Generation revisited

I know these posts regarding AG clothes have become more and more sporadic as time goes by, but since I'm chronically short on cash I have to review things as I get them.  I've touched on Our Generation clothes in the past, noting that my OG Sadie's stock dress fit my AG Denise like it was made for her, shoes and all.  This time I have some of the extra outfits that Battat has available for Our Generation dolls.  I've been fortunate enough to acquire two of them, the first being a summer getup called "To Our Hearts Content."  It is listed as a deluxe fashion on the OG website.
The outfit consists of the items that you see in the picture, with the exception of shoes.  The original shoes look like this (Sadie is wearing them).
These are too small for Denise's big Pleasant Company feet, thus she wears red Madame Alexander mary-janes.  The rest of the outfit fits, but it's a little tight all around.  The sweater's armholes are a chore to get around Denise's wrists, and the dress is hard to close in back.  Ironically, the headband is easier to put on Denise than it is to put on Sadie!  In short, this outfit is tight, but not so tight that Pleasant Company-era American Girl dolls can't wear it.  Just make sure you have a pair of matching shoes on hand!

Outfit number two is a winter outfit entitled "Color Me Plaid."  It is listed on the OG website as a regular fashion.
This ensemble comes with a scarf and a pair of black plastic ankle boots, but I forgot to put on the scarf and much to my surprise, the boots did not fit.  Denise got shackled with Molly's pair of mary-janes this time, but she also has her own pair of black shoes if I ever were to put this dress on her again.  Like "To Our Hearts Content," this getup is a little tight in places.  The blouse and skirt went on with no problems, but the tights had to stretch quite a bit.  Also note that the sleeves are a teensy bit short on Denise.

With the exception of the shoes, these outfits fit old-school American Girl bodies without much fuss.  Granted, the two outfits I've shown you do have a lot of stretch in them, so they fit the pudgy PC bodies better.  In order to give y'all a completely thorough review I'd have to put Denise in an outfit that DOESN'T stretch and see how well she wears it.  "Just Gowning Around" appears to be made out of sateen, so that might be a good dress to try...if I can find it!  I must say that I'm disappointed that the shoes did not fit Denise; that does not bode well for the retro outfits that I'd like to get for Molly.  Molly's measurements are similar to Denise's, so that may mean that she won't be able to squeeze into the skates that come with "Roller Disco."  If you've read Molly's books then you may know how she occasionally likes to roller skate, and I'd love to get her a pair of skates that fit.  There are no guarantees that the skates won't fit, but after this little experiment, I'm not betting on it.  Disco is ahead of Molly's time anyway; that would fit a character like Julie better.

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