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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sick of winter?

So are a couple of my girls.
Anticipating some warmer temperatures, I put Crissy and Ana Ming in their new spring dresses and swept the patio free of leaves.  The very next day we got eight inches of sleet and snow.  Here it is March sixth and we've got weather like that!  The storm clouds have a silver lining, however; maybe by the time the snow melts I'll have a few more dolls readied for spring.

Yours somewhat impatiently,


  1. Hello from Spain: I am also looking forward to the arrival of spring. Too long is winter. Nice picture in the window. Keep in touch

  2. I'm sick of the multiple snow days. The messy ice aftermath. The slow melt and refreeze. Winter go away!

    Whew. Got that off my chest. Crissy and Ana Ming look cute in their knit finery. Maybe if more of our dolls and action figures dressed for Spring, Winter will take a hint and vamoose. Riiiight.

    1. Oh jeez, I wish it worked that way, that for every doll we redressed we'd be that much closer to spring! This may sound strange, but I've got another dress for Cami coming and I keep thinking that when it gets here maybe the weather will finally cooperate (fat chance, LOL). I'm glad you like their dresses; I worked hard on Crissy's.