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Saturday, November 9, 2013

On Monster High dolls, Zelfs, and another Novi Star

Today was a very busy day for my mother and me.  We were out of pet food and kitty litter, so we took a little trip, throwing in a little shopping while we were at it.  My mother picked up some birthday presents for my sister's fiance, and I picked up a couple of things that I've had on my want list.  We made multiple stops in three different towns and are thus very tired.  Reviews will not come tonight, but I'll throw y'all a bone to chew on until I get the pictures taken and edited.  One of the things I got today is this Monster High Create-A-Monster set.  I chose the Ice Girl/Blob Girl set.
Miss Emily reviewed one of the first CAM sets that came out, the Werewolf/Dragon set.  The concept at the time was terrific, but the sets only came with one torso and one wig per set, and the wigs that did come with the sets were of HIDEOUS quality.  Miss Emily has seen and reviewed a great many dolls with varying qualities of hair, so she knows bad hair when she sees it!  Anyway, the Werewolf/Dragon set did not make the grade with her.  I was considering buying one of the sets myself at the time, but after seeing the hair on Miss Emily's dolls I decided to wait and see if the CAM sets improved.  Mattel is good at rectifying problems that crop up with their products, and after viewing promo pics of the second-wave CAM sets I saw that two of the problems I listed (only one body and only one wig) had indeed been fixed.  But I'm not going to give you my overall opinions here.  You'll have to wait for the review...or you can read this one, by Voicething.

I also got this today.  This is Elfa, a Zelf.
Zelfs are a fairly new thing; Beastsbelle has several of them and she loves them.  They're a lot like the trolls that I used to collect back during the 1990's.  Seriously, I must've had about a hundred of those ugly little goomers before I finally grew out of them.  Anyway, these Zelfs are a lot like trolls, only with joints (most of my Trolls were all one piece).  LOL, even my mother's reaction to the Zelfs was the same; she saw Elfa and said "Those are UGLY!!!  Just like those old trolls you used to like!"  To each her own, Mother.  I happen to find Zelfs extremely cute.  There's not much to them but they ARE cute, and I'm going to enjoy reviewing Elfa.

Lastly, I have another Novi Star.  Her name is Malie Tasker.
I didn't get Malie today.  I've had her a couple of weeks; in fact, I think that I was still working on my Sila Clops review at the time.  Sila had some things that I took issue with, so I bought a second Novi Star to see how they compared (Miss Emily did a similar thing with her first two La Dee Da dolls).  I examined the dolls that Wal-Mart had available and Malie was the one who caught my eye.  Like Sila, she was on sale, so I grabbed her.

So now!  Long story short, I've got three reviews that I need to complete in the next couple of weeks.  The review on Malie is partially done already and Elfa is a simple little doll, so it shouldn't take too long.  Hopefully I'll have them up before November 20th; I'm having an eye exam that day.  My left eye isn't healing the way it should, so my doctor wants to see me again.  I'm praying that it won't need another zapping, but it might so keep me in your prayers!

Love always,

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