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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Just a quick heads-up

I can't name a time when I've had four posts in draft form at once.  Yeah, I've had one or two at the same time, but never more than that.  So what prompted the sudden wave of activity?  Well, I've obtained a couple of dolls that have been on my wish list; in the past three weeks I've purchased both a Skelita Calaveras (Monster High) and a Sila Clops (Novi Stars).  They're both fun, original dolls and I deem them both worthy of a review.  That probably won't be the order that the posts are released in, but that's what I've got for you.  In addition I've got a "just for the heck of it" post that I'm not going to reveal much about (gotta keep y'all in suspense!), and another which concerns my review on Midori and and a subsequent discussion.  I should have at least three of those up before October rolls around, but first...I have some news.  I'm getting my first Integrity doll!  Well...I think she's an Integrity doll. (UPDATE:  she's not, but I'm not crying).  Her name is Charice, and I'm receiving her secondhand from a friend.  She should look something like this:
Okay, so that's a MiKelmen doll...I'm not too learned when it comes to the higher-end fashion dolls, so I don't know who made what.  Barbie is my forte.  But my Charice will look similar to that.  She will be wearing something different, and her hair is in a different style.  But it will be the same color.  The doll's red hair is the whole reason why my friend offered her to me (long story).  My friend said that the doll could arrive anywhere from one to three weeks from now; at the very latest she'll be here in time for my birthday (October 6th).  Bottom line, I'm very excited for my lovely coppertop to arrive!  I'll share some pics when she gets here.  In the meantime, I need to get those other reviews posted!

Very truly yours,

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