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Saturday, November 24, 2012

A new breed of Lalaloopsy

Okay, I know that the next blog was supposed to be about Meygana Broomstix's new clothes, but I've made a dolly discovery, and I find it fitting that this blog comes on the heels of my review on Blossom Flowerpot's new clothes.  During my usual browsing section on Facebook yesterday I stumbled across these new variations of Lalaloopsy dolls.  They are called Lala-Oopsies!
Judging from the descriptions on Facebook's Lalaloopsy page, the Oopsies are princesses.  Like the normal Lalas they come with cute outfits, pets, and their own unique personalities.  Oh, and they have extremely long legs that apparently bend.  Princess Nutmeg (left) "lives in a topsy-turvy kingdom where everything's all about fun."  She loves to dance and make her friends happy, and is apparently something of a klutz.  Sounds like my kind of princess!  Princess Anise (right) is "the princess of knickknacks."  She loves pretty things and will regale you with stories about her large collection of knickknacks.  She also loves throwing tea parties.  Both of these dolls come in large form and in mini-form; the minis have two extra characters named Princess Saffron and Princess Juniper.  MGA hasn't released a stock photo yet, but there is already an image running around of Princess Juniper's large doll self.

In addition to that, there is evidence to suggest that these four princesses each have coordinating fairies to go with them.  I assume that these are to be the Lala-Ooopsy equivalent of Lalaloopsy Littles (the Littles in turn are younger siblings of the large Lalaloopsies).  Fairy Fern takes after Princess Saffron:
Fairy Daffodil looks like Princess Juniper:
Fairy Lilac resembles Princess Anise:
And Fairy Tulip coordinates with Princess Nutmeg:
These fairies utilize something that I have not seen done with Lalaloopsy Littles.  Each is wrapped in their own little cocoon!  Take a gander at the pictures again; two of them are wrapped in strawberry cocoons, and two are little peanuts.  I love this idea and I hope MGA will expand on it.  

And that brings us to the topic of success.  The regular Lalaloopsy dolls are already hideously popular (especially certain characters like Mittens Fluff 'n Stuff), and the Littles are apparently also popular.  According to some of the comments I've read the Littles are easier for small children to carry, and don't double as a club like the large-sized Lalaloopsy dolls do.  That said, reception to the large Lala-Oopsies appears to be somewhat mixed.  Comments on Facebook's images on the dolls range from "I like this" to "I'll pass, thanks" to "I F**KING HATE THESE!!!" or some equivalent of that comment.  Reaction to the fairies has been more warm, though I've only seen a handful of comments on each picture.  One mother laments "that's just great, now we're going to need all of these too!"  Another person remarks that she's "not much for the bigs" and is thus looking forward to the release of the fairies.  In short, I predict that these Lala-Oopsies may be either a smash hit or a tremendous flop.  Consumers appear to like the fantasy theme and the bright colors, but are up in arms about the long legs.  Some are also concerned that Lala-Oopsies will not be able to fit regular Lalaloopsy clothes, which is something I too am curious about.  As for the fairies, I'm almost positive that they will be popular.  They take the small size of the Lalaloopsy Littles and add on wings and a ton of fun colors.  The cocoons are a huge plus; they'll be easy for little kids to hold, and add some cuddle-ability to these otherwise stiff dolls.  

To wrap it up I'm going to give you my opinion on these dolls.  C'mon, you knew it was coming!  Since when have I ever done a blog without voicing my opinion???  LOL, anyways I absolutely love this idea.  The bright colors have caught my eye, as have the long bendy legs.  I also love the airbrushed cheeks; that's a cute departure from the molded patches.  However, I do want to examine these dolls first-hand and see for myself if they have molded cheeks underneath the paint.  So far all the Lalaloopsies have used the same basic head mold, with the only variations being the hair, the paint schemes, and the skin tone.  A departure from using the same mold for every doll certainly will be interesting to see.  As for the fairies, I don't normally like the smaller-sized Lalaloopsies, but given the fact that these fairies are so colorful I may take the plunge and get one.  The coordination factor is another thing; for some weird reason if a doll I own has a partner (a boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, pet or some sort of counterpart) then I have to have that partner to complete the set.  I felt this way about Beauty and Beast, and about Meygana and Wingzy, and I feel this way about the Lala-Oopsies.  And since each of the four characters has a smaller counterpart that means I'll be paying for two dolls no matter what.  Judging from one image on Facebook the larger dolls are starting to hit store shelves, and when they do, I plan on getting one.  You'll get a review then, of course.  

Yours truly,

Update:  Lala-Oopsies have their own website; it appears to be a branch of the regular Lalaloopsy site.  If you're curious about these unusual creatures, go there.

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