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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is RagingMoon1987, but you may call me "Moony."  Please do.  It's less of a mouthful.  So this is my first attempt at an honest-to-God blog...or maybe it's my second.  I have a Tumblr account, but Tumbr sucks so I'm here.

Basically I would like this blog list to consist largely of dolly reviews, stories, news, and other random stuff.  Some right-wing political commentary may also be inserted, but I'll try to keep that at a minimum (I reserve that for Twitter).  Consider yourself warned, regardless.  I hereby resolve not to steal anyone's ideas from blogs and to stick to reviews of my own dolls...and I've got plenty.  I also do not intend for this to be a big gripefest like my Tumblr profile once was (or like my Twitter currently is).  This is to be mostly positive, or neutral at worst.

If you do decide to follow me on Tumblr, my name is CatScratchFever1987 (I'm a Ted Nugent fan).  I also have a new Flickr account; my name there is the same as here, RagingMoon1987 (an obscure reference to another of my favorite musicians).  It's not a pro account yet, because I'm a poor college student and can hardly afford to rub two pennies together, let alone pay for a pro account!  My intention is to start posting videos on YouTube, and when I do I'll give you a link (again, my username is RagingMoon1987).

Okay, I'm done whoring myself.  Keep your eyes peeled for my first review.  I'd do it now, but it's time for "Sweet Genius." LOL

Yours always,


  1. Hi Moony and welcome to the Blogger doll community!

    1. Thank you, sweetie! And thank you for the follow!