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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Unidentified doll #1: "Maria"

A lot of the blogs I follow participate in the trend known as Throwback Thursday.  They get their old dolls and either wrap them around a theme or embark on a bull session.  I would've done this myself, but the vast majority of my dolls are too young to be considered throwbacks and y'all have seen the old ones already!  Therefore, every Thursday from now until the foreseeable future I'll post a doll that I have not been able to identify, with the hopes that maybe someone can help me.  In the process I'll brag about some of my finds, and you can either drool or yawn and click the "close" button (LOL).  This week I present to you a porcelain doll, whom I call "Maria."
I found Maria during one of my family's many visits to the local antique malls; Dexter, Missouri just opened a new one up and it's very nice, ESPECIALLY considering that it's only been open a few weeks.  There's lots to see there, and one of the things I found was Maria.  She's about 17 inches tall with a cloth body and porcelain arms, legs, chest, and head.  There are no markings anywhere on her body.  She has brown glass eyes and inset eyelashes.
Her raven hair is long, smooth, and soft, not coarse-feeling like a lot of porcelain dolls I run into.  She has two sections of hair pulled back from her face and two slim tendrils that hang in front of each ear.
Maria's dress is a mermaid-style dress made out of cranberry satin.  The fabric has rhinestones and some glitter added on.
The rhinestones were glued on and some have fallen off along the way.

Accenting the dress is this sheer wrap, which is banded to Maria's upper arms.  I really love that wrap; it can be draped around Maria's dress in different ways, making her look like she's got something really elaborate on.
In addition to the dress Maria has a few pieces of jewelry.  She wears a beaded necklace:
And inset earrings.  Someone went to the effort of making these earrings actually little posts instead of just gluing something on, which suggests to me that this doll is (maybe???) just a little higher end.
Maria's body is unusual, not in build but in construction.  Most of the porcelain dolls I own are not jointed in any way, but Maria is.  Her arms are jointed at the shoulder and can move up and down:
Her head is also articulated.

Maria's legs are also porcelain from about the knee down, but they don't move.  Her feet have white painted shoes.  Notice that her legs are set at different angles.
On top of all that Maria "wears" a plastic and metal kaiser stand.
The stand is tan, but I got the wrong flash so there you have it.  It's hard to get her to stand up straight in this, by the way.  The unusual placement of her feet on the stand means that she's constantly slipping to one side.  She is well-balanced in that stand, though!

Yeah, I know I'm supposed to be reviewing the newer dolls that I've got and I'll get to that; I just don't know when.  I have a dog-sitting gig all next week and the week after that I get one of my eyes redone.  Yes, the doctor told me that the left eye will need an adjustment.  No cutting will be involved, thank God, but the overall experience has me a bit apprehensive.  In the meantime I hope one of you can help me identify my Maria.  She's a very nice little doll and I'd love to see who her maker is.  She may even have a different name!

God bless y'all,

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